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32 Times Jennifer Aniston And Angelina Jolie Definitely Weren't Thinking About Each Other

Fucks given lately? Approximately zero.

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4. When Angelina was appointed as an honorary citizen of Sarajevo after her film In The Land of Blood And Honey raised awareness of the Bosnian War.

"Wonder if Jennifer is aware of my new citizenship."


6. When, after 10 years of service, Angelina was promoted from a UNHCR goodwill ambassador to special envoy to High Commissioner António Guterres.

AFP / Getty Images STAN HONDA

"Do you think Jennifer knows about my promotion and is hella mad about it?"

8. When Angelina was shagging the shit out of Brad Pitt – probably while he was wearing this hat.

Getty Images for AFI Kevin Winter

"Just can't wait until we've been married for longer than you and Jen, you know?"


12. When Angelina was busy being a fucking badass with Brad Pitt and former British Foreign Secretary William Hague at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict in London.


19. When Jen attended the "Artists For Haiti" fundraiser dinner and hugged Susan Sarandon.

Getty Images Andrew H. Walker

"Bet Angelina hasn't posed with Susan Sarandon at a benefit dinner before! Booya!"

20. When Angelina was smiling and chatting with Eddie Redmayne and then he put his arm around her waist and they smiled for the camera like this.

"Yet another beautiful man that no doubt prefers me, Jennifer."


26. When Angelina visited displaced refugees in Iraq and then wrote about the levels of suffering both Syrian and Iraqi refugees are experiencing for the New York Times.

Getty Images Handout

"I can only care about this if Jennifer is mad about it, TBH."

27. Anytime Jennifer turns on the TV and a Friends re-run is playing and she's like, "Oh yeah. I'm Rachel fucking Green."


"How does it feel to never be able to watch this show, Angie? ESPECIALLY the episode where BRAD is on it. HUH?"


29. When Jennifer met Adele, and they held hands like this.

Getty Images Jason Merritt

"I wish I had had 'Someone Like You' in my life when Angelina ruined my life. I'm not sure if you've heard about what happened, but..."

31. When Angelina sits down at the dinner table with her husband who is Brad Pitt and her six children.

AFP / Getty Images ROBYN BECK

"If only Jen could see this. I'm only satisfied with my life because I know it makes her miserable."

32. When Jennifer Aniston wakes up next to Justin Theroux at 10:45am on a Saturday because they have no children and are able to do such things.

Getty Images for LTLA Alberto E. Rodriguez

"Bet Angelina's nanny doesn't let her sleep this late."