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Lana Del Rey Thinks Feminism Is "Not An Interesting Concept"

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When Fader magazine asked Lana Del Rey what she thought about her feminist critics, the singer responded by explaining how she thinks that feminism "is just not an interesting concept".

"My idea of a true feminist is a woman who feels free enough to do whatever she wants."


Fader wrote that her response to the question of feminism would be "disappointing for people from both camps" – but also pointed out that a French academic named Catherine Vigier had written an essay called "The Meaning of Lana Del Rey".

Vigier wrote that Del Rey is "representing and speaking to a contradiction facing thousands of young women today,"

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And that the "women who have followed mainstream society's prescriptions for success in what has been called a post-feminist world, but who find that real liberation and genuine satisfaction elude them."


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