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The 32 Healthiest Goths That Ever Gothed

Health goths = goths that just like to workout, OK?

Being a health goth essentially means you're a goth that likes to go to the gym, work out, and eat healthily.

According to The Cut, health goth became a thing when musicians Jeremy Scott and Mike Grabarek created the Health Goth community on Facebook.

However, the movement really took off when DJ Johnny Love created the Health Goth clothing line and shop. There's even a #HealthGoth fitness bible, as it's not just an identity or a clothing line, but a lifestyle.

So what does a health goth look like? Behold:

1. This look is classic health goth.

2. As is this, because crucifix.

3. Health goths enjoy running.

6. And even run marathons.

7. They do yoga.

8. And quite enjoy hiking.

11. As well as cycling.

14. They love working out at the gym.

17. And lifting weights – as per the #HealthGoth bible.

19. Especially squats.

21. They take excellent pre-workout selfies.

26. (Even when they're taken near a toilet.)

27. Health goths make sure their dogs are dressed appropriately.

28. And are always up for a salad.

29. Or some fresh juice.

30. And they drink a lot of water as it's important to #Hydrate.

32. But, interestingly, it appears that Shakira was actually the original health goth.