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19 Truths About Being Goth In The Summer

It's a cruel, cruel summer.

13 Things Minions Know About Despair

To live is to suffer is to send image macros.

How Goth Are You Actually?

Goth or very goth?

13 Goth Emojis For Everyday Situations

I [dancing cybergoth emoji] you.

15 Things That Could Only Happen To An Accidental Goth

It's not a ~phase~ if it's not even intentional.

40 Episodes That Would Totally Happen If "Friends" Was Goth

I'll be there for you especially when the rain starts to fall.

What Kind Of Goth Should You Be In 2015?

Moth? Sloth? Joth? Take this quiz to find out what's hot for 2015.

What Kind Of Goth Are You?

There are so many different kinds. Which one are you?

21 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Goth In Your Life

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring... except for a few pastel goths on Tumblr.

The 32 Healthiest Goths That Ever Gothed

Health goths = goths that just like to workout, OK?

16 Struggles Every Low-Key Goth Will Understand

Does anyone wanna go to the cemetery?

Welcome To Goth Internet

The person behind Goth Screenshots explains why the internet can be a dark place.

How To Be A Pastel Goth

Because you're black on the inside, but baby blue on the outside.

What Kind Of Goth Should You Be?

Step inside this dark, twisted quiz.

19 Signs You Were A Brummie Teenage Goth

Aren't you 'ot in all that black, bab?

Lorde Has Gone Full Goth

She's not always dancing at the beach with Taylor Swift. The new Lorde song is so dark and so good.

16 Times The South Park Goth Kids Saw Into Your Empty, Black Soul

Because you know that life is full of pain and total conformists.

Happy Goth Day To You! 66 Pixxx Celebrating World Goth Day!

What did you do for World Goth Day?! Check out these happy goths stoked its World Goth Day!! Including Oh-My-Gothness photos from the largest Goth celebration in the World (aka Wave-Gotik-Treffen).

Happy World Goth Day

May 22 is World Goth Day (look it up, jerk). Here's hoping yours is gloomy and black, just like your soul.

Hot Topic Is No Longer Just For Teen Goths

It's your favorite store at the mall, admit it. But Hot Topic has changed, and now your mom is as subversive as you are. Sorry.

How To Have The Most Goth Valentine's Day Ever

Yes, this is a meaningless capitalist holiday invented by Hallmark to sell cards. But you're totally in goth-love, so let's DO THIS THING.

A Day In The Life Of A Mall Goth

Here's everything that's great about the natural habitat of Hot Topic's best customers.

How Goth Are You?

Here's a handy quiz to help you measure just how deep your inner pain really is.

"Blackheart" Is Hot Topic's Goth Version Of Victoria's Secret

Just what the underwear industry didn't need! (Unless they host an annual fashion show, in which case, it's absolutely necessary.)

Goth Day At Disneyland

Disneyland in California unofficially hosts an annual "Bats Day in the Fun Park," where hundreds of goths descend on the park. Judging from this year, it looks like a lot of Goths in Hot Weather. [Update: We've edited this post to direct your attention to the original source, which is Go there now!]

Super Fun World Goth Day Playlist

Happy World Goth Day! Here's a special goth rock playlist to help you celebrate. Subcultures, Yay!

25 Videos Of Goths Dancing Outside During The Daytime

These are people who enjoy dressing up like Mortal Kombat characters and dancing to rave music in the park. Now imagine seeing that on a picnic.

Goths Up Trees

You know when a website kind of nails something you always noticed but didn't know you noticed? Here are 4 terrific goths in a tree photos from

Goth Juice Discontinued

Sad goths, crying over their hair gel.

Goths Of The '80s, Part 2

More Goths of the '80s. Siouxsie Sioux eyes, Ian McCulloch hair and lots and lots of black. Crank up the Bauhaus and release the bats! ( Via Now This Is Gothic)

Goth Weddings

Sometimes two goths find each other, they fall in love and then they have crazy weddings.

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