53 Things That Lady Gaga Is Probably Hiding In Her Wig

    What lies beneath?

    This is Lady Gaga's latest wig.

    She has a few variations of the same wig, but they are all dark, curly, and gloriously huge.

    She wears it in the bath.

    She wears it out to bars with her friends!

    She wears it out on the town with Tony Bennett.

    What a day with my great friend @ladygaga. The students went gaga for Gaga!! http://t.co/P9AbeVejVI

    She wears it when she's chillaxin'.

    She even wears it when she's ordering a pizza.

    The wig is magnificent. So big. So full. And so full of secrets. What is inside such a majestic pile of hair? What lies beneath?

    Here are 53 possibilities.

    1. Ritz crackers.

    2. Solange.

    3. A footlong corn dog.

    4. Bette Midler.

    5. Another wig. (Wigception.)

    6. Loose change.

    7. The Italian flag.

    8. The original World Cup logo.

    9. Terry Richardson's glasses.

    10. Toe rings.

    11. A VHS copy of Mariah Carey's Glitter.

    12. A 3D printed version of Pharrell's hat.

    13. A lock of Madonna's hair.

    14. An snow globe of the Chrysler Building.

    15. Unicorn vomit.

    16. One of Adele's Grammy's.

    17. A bologne sandwich.

    18. A ball of yarn.

    19. A quill and ink well.

    20. A Burger King crown.

    21. Her actual dog.

    22. Her Myspace Top 8 from 2005.

    23. Travel-sized Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner set.

    25. Popcorn flavoured Jelly Bellies.

    26. Tony Bennett's heart – previously thought to have been left in San Francisco.

    27. A CD rom version of The Oregon Trail.

    28. Coloured pencils.

    29. Birthday cake.

    30. Hedwig.

    31. The broken heel of her dance shoe.

    32. The secret behind WTF happened to the "Edge of Glory" video.

    31. A pair of socks from Camden Market.

    32. A pink Swiss Army Knife.

    33. Fruit loops.

    34. An (unused) MoonCup.

    35. A TARDIS.

    36. A $15 Applebees gift card.

    37. A mosquito.

    38. My libido.

    39. Half-eaten pizza crust.

    40. The wrapper from the snack Beyoncé fed her in the "Telephone" video.

    41. Her Salvador Dalí mustache.

    42. Boiled quail eggs.

    43. The thong Britney wore over her jeans in the "Slave 4 U" video.

    44. Kraft Singles.

    45. A "Ready For Hillary" bumper sticker.

    46. Taylor Swift's Red CD.

    47. One of Jay-Z's cigars.

    48. A square hamburger patty from Wendy's.

    49. One of Jared Leto's eyelashes.

    50. A Nokia 3310.

    51. A vial of Billy Bob Thornton's blood.

    52. Her secret penis.

    53. The director's cut footage from the "Do What U Want" video with R. Kelly.