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35 Things Only People Who Work Weird Hours Will Understand

Shift work! Overnights! Weekends! So. Much. Fun.

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2. Having to kill massive amounts of time before anyone can come meet you to do anything.


"Yeah, it's cool that you can't meet me until 8 p.m....even though I'm off at 12 and basically have to be asleep by 9 p.m."

27. When you see university students slobbing around town in sweatpants and desperately clutching Frappuccinos and you're just like, "YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TIRED EVEN IS, KID."

30. As are the Facebook photos of everyone's AMAZING BBQ and MEGA-RELAXING WEEKEND.

33. Trying to sleep when the rest of the world outside is 100% awake and SUPER LOUD.


So many children crying! So many cars! So many people having their houses renovated! So much DIY! SO MUCH TALKING ON THE STREET.

34. Feeling like you work a lot harder than everyone else because it's only YOU working on your shift.

"Can you cover for me while I head out for some food? OH, WAIT, I AM ALONE."

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