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    Here's What The "Love Island" 2018 Contestants Are Like On Instagram

    Let's stalk 11 hot people's Instagrams together.

    The islanders for this year's Love Island have finally been announced and OMG I can't wait until it starts next week.

    WE'RE BACK! It's time to meet the scorching singles ready to get their graft on this summer… #LoveIsland

    In the promo video there was a lot of talk about Instagram and sliding into DMs.

    So I thought it was my duty to check out the islander's Instagram game to see if there was any more juicy details we could find out about them.


    1. First up is Laura Anderson, a "fully fledged member of the mile high club" who identifies most with Sandy from Grease.

    Her Insta is home to a lot of selfies and some even include celebs that she's got to meet while working as a cabin crew member.

    From my detective work I have deducted that she is basically always on holiday.

    And she's also partial to a good meme.

    If you're like me and you're really, really, nosy then here is a selfie from 2013 when Laura was a brunette.

    2. Next up we have Jack Fincham, a stationary manager who admitted that he "falls in love so easily".

    There isn't a whole lot to stalk on Jack's Instagram, I have mainly discovered that his teeth are very, very, white.

    He's also prone to the good old jumper-tied-over-your-shoulder look, so make of that what you will...

    If you're interested in a throwback picture of Jack then look no further than this.

    3. Kendall Rae-Knight is a manager at a shoe shop and get's 33% off which is pretty good tbh. Her Insta game is very selfie heavy, but lets dive a little deeper shall we.

    This time last year Kendall was engaged but now she says she's "ready to move on and start dating" although she admits her "ex-fiancé would not like to see me on here, I think he'd freak a little bit."

    She also competes in pageants and won Miss Blackpool 2013.

    There isn't anything too juicy on Kendall's Instagram so here's a very old selfie from 2012.

    4. Dr Alex George is an A&E Doctor who hopes to become a TV Doctor.

    His Insta is mega cute and features selfies with his mum.

    And wholesome Christmas team photos from work.

    He's really proud of the NHS and supported the Junior Doctor's strike.

    5. Niall Aslam is a 23 year-old from Coventry whose biggest worry is that he's "going to get pied constantly."

    Niall has a pretty limited selection of pics, but what is most intriguing about his Instagram is his hashtag game.

    Instagram: @niallaslam

    I'm so confused, but it's good to know he's in favour of freeing the nipple.

    Other than the hashtags Niall's very limited Instagram is pretty much only selfies.

    Seriously, I'm not joking.

    6. Hayley Hughes is a model from Liverpool and she's really worried about the whole pie-ing off thing too, "Imagine if no one stepped forward for me. I would die. I would be booking the next taxi."

    Here's Hayley modelling for Pretty Little Thing.

    And here she is coming third in a Miss Liverpool pageant.

    She really loves a selfie so please check out her Instagram if you'd like to see even more selfies.

    7. This year there may be another Chris and Kem situation as Adam Collard has said that he thinks "there’ll be a bromance as much as there’ll be a romance".

    From his Instagram I've pretty much deducted that he quite enjoys the gym.

    Nope, that's an understatement. He really, really, loves the gym.

    And that is basically all there is on his Insta.

    8. Next we have Dani Dyer, who is actually the daughter of none other than Danny Dyer.

    Joel Anderson / ITV

    Her Insta features a lot of pics of her dad and her fun fact is that "Keira Knightly once babysat me". So errr, yeah, she's pretty well connected.

    She was also on Survival of the Fittest but left on the second day after sustaining an injury.

    9. Next there's Wes Nelson who is an Electrical and Nuclear Systems Design Engineer from Staffordshire.

    His Insta is pretty much topless selfies.

    And videos of him Muay Thai kickboxing. Maybe when he's on the show his Insta game will liven up.

    10. This is Samira Mighty, who is basically already famous as she's performed in Mamma Mia and Dreamgirls on the West End.

    This is her in the cast of the Mamma Mia musical.

    And of course she's a big fan of the selfie.

    11. And lastly we have Eyal Booker who is a model from London.

    As you can tell though he's really camera shy.

    Poor thing just keeps getting pics taken of him while he's looking for the top he's lost.

    Something tells me he'll be right at home in a villa full of cameras.

    And those are the contestants for Love Island 2018. I can not wait for the drama!

    Joel Anderson / ITV

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