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23 Snapchats That Are So Stupid That You Can't Help Laughing

Snapchat is the birthplace optical illusions.

1. This very corny joke:

2. This cute sign:

3. This awkward celebrity selfie:

4. This brave endeavour into sport:

5. This doggo just trying to help:

6. This hilarious optical illusion:

7. This stoned pupper:

8. This freaky illusion:

9. This honestly kind of cute mistake:

10. This sassy gecko:

11. This hilarious vegetable:

12. This absolute show off:

13. This inventive drive thru:

14. This intense moment:

15. This honestly rude bust:

16. This hilarious struggle:

17. This deeply troubling faceswap:

18. This celebrity sighting:

19. These windows that have clearly been hitting the gym:

20. This pelican full of shame:

21. These conniving slippers:

22. This mythical beast making a lovely fresh salad:

23. This incredibly lengthy limb: