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Actually How British Was Your Childhood?

Did you run home to watch Blue Peter?

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  1. Check off the ones you did.

    Went Blackberry picking in the summer.
    Played bulldog in the playground.
    Played stuck in the mud in the playground.
    Played ackee 123 in the playground.
    Watched Grange Hill after school.
    Fancied a BBC news reader.
    Loved David Beckham.
    Loved the Spice Girls.
    Ate choc ices for dessert.
    Loved cheese strings in your lunchbox.
    Loved Winders fruit rolls ups.
    Watched Blue Peter.
    Ate crumble for dessert.
    Had your sports day cancelled due to the weather.
    Had a biscuit barrel.
    Collected football stickers.
    Told someone to "bog off".
    "Played out" with your friends.
    Went camping in Wales.
    Went on holiday to Blackpool?.
    Went on holiday to Weston-super-Mare.
    Competed in the egg and spoon race on sports day.
    Scratched yes or no on your rubber to make a decision.
    Used your school jumper for football goalposts at lunchtime.
    Got engaged with Haribo rings.
    Got married to your crush in the playground.
    Played kiss chase.
    Played squares.
    Played hangman.
    Played "duck, duck, goose".
    Covered your hands in PVA glue and peeled it off.
    Looked up naughty words in the dictionary.
    Debated with your friends whether it was "mum" or "mom".
    Debated with your friends on how "scone" is pronounced.
    Read the Goose Bumps series.
    Read Biff, Chip and Kipper books.
    Read Jacqueline Wilson books.
    Read the Alex Rider series.
    Loved Space Raiders.
    Celebrated the Queen's birthday.
    Went to a Bonfire Night at your local park.
    Had discos at your community centre.
    Got pick 'n' mix from Woolworths.
    Played MASH.
    Made fortune tellers.
    Used buttercups to see if you liked butter.
    Played with Aliens.
    Had a Tamagotchi.
    Watched CITV on Saturday mornings.
    Stayed up late to watch Top Of The Pops.
    Stayed up late to watch Emmerdale.
    Stayed up late to watch Coronation Street.
    Stayed up late to watch Eastenders.
    Ate Pink Wafers.
    Ate Wagon Wheels.
    Had turkey twizzlers for school dinner.
    Read Beatrix Potter books.
    Watched Art Attack.
    Got gobstoppers from a machine in a supermarket.
    Played in a pub play area.

Actually How British Was Your Childhood?

Sure it wasn't filled with all the stereotypically British things but it sounds super fun anyway! So what if you don't know about the Queen's corgis and cricket, you're probably way more cultured and know everything about he rest of the world. Some things are best to miss out on, like the British weather.

Your childhood wasn't very British.
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Your childhood was a good mix of stereotypically British things and other cultures. You're proud to be British but not overly proud that you're forcing your friends to sing the national anthem and eating fish and chips everyday. You're a well balanced person who doesn't take British-ness to the extreme.

You had quite a British childhood.
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You are impressively British, and it shows. You've been brought up on a steady diet of tea and Sunday roasts which means that you now apologise if someone bumps into you. You know the value of a good pub garden and worship the Victoria sponge. Are you sure you didn't grow up in Buckingham Palace?

You had a very British childhood!
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