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Which Pair Of Crocs Are You?

Find your inner Croc.

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  1. What's your ideal date?

    Just a dinner date would be fine.
    Going on a romantic hike.
    Staying in and watch anything on Netflix.
    Sky diving.
    Going to a five star restaurant.
    Going to see an art exhibition.
  2. What's your favourite genre of music?

    Anything Accoustic
  3. It's your birthday, what do you ask for?

    I really need some socks.
    Some chocolates would be nice.
    I'm going to need something designer.
    I want an Xbox.
    Buy me an exotic animal.
    I want a new bed.
  4. What's your go to outfit.

    A fleece and khaki trousers.
    A hoodie and baggy jeans.
    Anything with sequins.
    A plain white t shirt and jeans.
    A flowing dress.
  5. What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done?

    I ventured outside once.
    I had a wild night in Thailand that the government have asked me not to talk about.
    I've gone on a spontaneous holiday.
    I've been on a trek somewhere exotic.
    I went to see an opera in a language i couldn't understand.
    I've been on a snowboarding/skiing trip.
  6. What's your favourite animal?

    A tiger.
    A sloth.
    A dog.
    A cat.
    A frog.
    A bird.
  7. What was your favourite subject in school?

    English Literature.
    I hated school.
  8. Your two best friends are fighting, what do you do?

    Sit them down and get them to talk it out.
    Nothing, I really don't care.
    Ask for both sides of the story but don't get too involved.
    Get them drunk and everything will be fine.
    Take them on a wilderness retreat, that'll clear the air.
    Let them sort it out on their own, they'll work it out.
  9. What's your favourite TV show?

    Extreme Fishing.
    Freaks and Geeks.
    Sex and The City.
    Antiques Roadshow.
    Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
    Anything that's on.
  10. What's your favourite snack?

    Avocado on toast.
    Spicy ramen.
    A granola bar.
  11. Who is your idol?

    Bear Grylls.
    Audrey Hepburn.
    Tony Hawk.
    Michelle Obama.
    Kim Kardashian.
  12. What's your ideal getaway?

    A weekend in Paris.
    A big night out in Vegas.
    A fortnight in the Bahamas.
    A weekend camping in the Lake District.
    A month backpacking around Europe.
    I wouldn't want to get away, I'm happy to chill at home.

Which Pair Of Crocs Are You?

You got: The Classic Croc

You're reliable, straightforward and possess a timeless beauty that artists have been trying to capture for decades. You're the go to classic that mums and dads alike can rely on for everything from gardening to a quick trip to the shops.

The Classic Croc
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You got: Plaid Slipper Croc

You'd rather sit in with a take away than go on a night out, and are always in a hoodie. Just like this slipper Croc you do everything you can not to get involved in drama. Everyone is your friend and you can seamlessly fit into any situation. You're comfortable with yourself and you're not afraid to show it!

Plaid Slipper Croc
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You got: Sarah Graphic Clog Croc

You're the fun one that everyone wants to be best friends with. You're not afraid to show your wild side and you're always up for a party. Fashion is everything, accessorising is a way of life and you really don't feel like yourself unless you're dressed head to toe in leopard print.

Sarah Graphic Clog Croc
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You got: Eve Flat Croc

Just like this Croc you're elegant and understated and were probably a prima ballerina in a past life. When someone gives you a compliment you blush and deny but deep down know that your beauty is unrivalled. Your maroon colour means you have a surprisingly secret sultry side.

Eve Flat Croc
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You got: Graphic Slip-on Sneaker Croc

You're edgy and cool and really appreciate good music. You can usually be found at an underground gig or a skatepark. Your parents just don't understand your way of life, man. Like this Croc you really don't have to put effort into anything, you're just an all round cool cat.

Graphic Slip-on Sneaker Croc
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You got: Leather Fisherman Sandal Croc

You're reliable and others are dependant on you to help them out of tricky situations. You're a huge fan of the outdoors, know everything about wildlife and spend your weekends camping. So what if you don't keep up with the latest trends, practicality is extremely important.

Leather Fisherman Sandal Croc
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