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Are You The Gross Housemate?

Are all those passive aggressive notes directed at you?

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  1. I would never.
    If it's a desperate situation I'd consider it.
    I don't even have my own.
  2. Via imgur.com
    Via TLC
  3. Never
    I've forgotten about something accidentally once.
    My bedroom isn't complete without it.
  4. Every couple of days
    Every week
    I have never cleaned the toilet, that is gross.
  5. Scoop it up and put it down the toilet
    Try shove it down the drain
    I leave it everywhere, that's someone else's problem.
  6. Via imgur.com
    Via TLC
  7. Every week
    Every week
    What is a hoover?
  8. No
    I have when drunk.
    Yeah, my housemates will never find out.
  9. I would never.
    I have once or twice before.
    Every single day.
  10. I don't, that's disgusting.
    If one slips out it's no biggie.
    I would never restirct my gases from being free, even in a communal space.
  11. Over a bin.
    Anywhere in my room.
    In the shared living room.
  12. No, that's gross.
    I have a few, I'll get to them at some point.
    Yes I have piles of plates, and most of them are my housemate's.
  13. Open all the windows, spray air freshener and tell my housemates not to enter for an hour.
    I waft it a little.
    I leave it, my housemates should appreciate the scent of my hard work.

Are You The Gross Housemate?

You got: You are the gross flatmate.

Your grossness knows no bounds and sometimes the communal areas fall victim to your untidiness. Sure, no one likes cleaning but some times you have to grit your teeth and do it, you might find your flatmates leave you less passive aggressive notes. You don't tidy much but you probably bring other qualities to the house.

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You got: You are kind of gross, but not the grossest flatmate.

You're the perfect amount of gross, you aren't obsessive about the state of your home but you do want things to look nice. You'd like the place to be a bit tidier but then again you can sometimes forget to do the washing up too.

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You got: You are not the gross flatmate.

You like living in a clean home, and if that means being the one that cleans all the time and nags your housemates to tidy up after themselves then so be it. There is nothing wrong with wanting to live in a sanitary environment.

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