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Posted on Dec 20, 2017

29 Pussies That Ruled 2017

It really was a big year for them.

1. Sushi really mastered the Puss In Boots look this year.

2. And Neo really nailed that candid "far away but still beautiful" look.

3. This cat found happiness in a cardboard box, which is all any of us can really want.

4. This cat learnt the art form of pulling funny/cute faces for the camera.

5. 2017 blessed us with Rupert and Ralph being adorable under a duvet.

6. Rintaro basically became a yogurt model in 2017.

7. This kitten is too adorable not to include on this list, just look at that tiny nose!

8. No matter what your 2017 was like I promise that looking at this beauty will make everything better.

9. These two took the most badass "walking away from an explosion" picture of 2017.

10. This year Pumpkin found great uses in the human's hood.

11. And Bowie really killed his summer outfit.

12. This is Mr Tiddles proudly showing off his first collar, 2017 really was a big year for him.

13. Blue is sceptical about 2018, but will go with it anyway.

14. Prince Phillip is basically all of us watching the disaster that was this year.

15. In 2017 Blanket became the world champion of hide and seek.

16. Yuzu remained the most photogenic camera shy kitten of all time.

17. And King Kong enjoyed quite a few naps.

18. Maisy carried on being a model and if she has time she might teach you how to werk your angles in 2018.

19. This cat enjoyed as many chin tickles as they could this year.

20. And this cat got back in touch with nature.

21. Sherlock and Homie are so over 2017.

22. But Fred is excited to read even more books this year!

23. This cat has been waiting all year for Christmas and now it's finally his time to shine.

24. Ethan made sure to get as many tummy rubs as he could in 2017.

25. And Ritchie Humphreys gained a taste for the finer things in life, like fancy wine cardboard boxes.

26. This cat really went to great lengths to take frankly outstanding selfies.

27. This sphynx kitten learnt the importance of cocooning up in a blanket.

28. And Acosta stayed adorable while having a bath.

29. And finally, even if you've had a meh 2017 this tiny kitten wants you to have the best 2018 ever!

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