27 Costumes That Won World Book Day 2018

    Who knew mandrakes could be so cute?

    1. This adorable baby mandrake.

    Albie’s first #WorldBookDay @BloomsburyBooks @WorldBookDayUK @KidsBloomsbury 💚⚡️

    2. And this little Dara Ó Briain.

    My amazing wife made this awesome costume of a book by @daraobriain for #WorldBookDay

    3. The snow is no match for this Gandalf the Grey.

    #WorldBookDay Gandalf the grey, in a handmade costume, made it to school through a blizzard this morning!...… https://t.co/xsIgGqFpEZ

    4. This super tough Black Panther.

    @thismorning #blackpanther #WorldBookDay

    5. These brilliant teachers turned handmaids.

    My sister’s an English teacher and it’s Book Day so here’s what her department went as

    6. This Frodo Baggins went all out with his feet.

    Frodo Baggins is working hard on his book quiz... it's not easy when you've got two huge rocks strapped to your fee… https://t.co/Or847ifrcb

    7. This adorable hungry caterpillar.

    My very hungry caterpillar 🐛 @WorldBookDayUK #WorldBookDay

    8. And this sweet Miffy.

    Another little Miffy off to nursery today, dressed as Miffy for #WorldBookDay 🐰 Photo by @fromtumtomum

    9. This Amelia Earhart is ready for adventure!

    Iona ready to fly as Amelia Earhart from @rebelgirlsbook @FrodManor happy World Book Day all.

    10. This very professional-looking dog handler.

    #WorldBookDay #BestBook #FabulousFinn #FinnsLaw #FinnForChange #policedog #serviceanimal What a day to promote this… https://t.co/0QOVCJQCDK

    11. And this brilliant Alice In Wonderland, complete with the tiny house.

    One very sad 5 year old who couldn't go to school today! Heartbroken she couldn't show her friends what she had wor… https://t.co/HFidVVKBLA

    12. This BFG is absolutely genius!

    @adidasUK creativity by dad, shorts by you guys! #worldbookday

    13. This cheeky Mr Stink.

    Happy #worldbookday from me and Mr Stink 😍. Long live 📚 and so happy there is a day which celebrates reading. Somet… https://t.co/PaJcNg9r09

    14. And this brilliant homemade Paddington.

    #WorldBookDay Wanted on voyage. This is a homemade outfit that almost cost me my sanity.

    15. There never was a more accurate Greg Heffley.

    #FloMelly have their very own #DiaryOfAWimpyKid today! I’m sure author @wimpykid would proud! #WorldBookDay

    16. This former teacher-turned-Mary Poppins.

    World book day ready! Mary Poppins at your service 💁🏼‍♀️🌂 @ILSCITT @FlyingHighTrust #WorldBookWeek #WorldBookDayUK

    17. These two huge David Walliams fans.

    World Book Day must still go ahead we'll be celebrating at home! A perfect excuse to enjoy a book 📚 and dress 👗 up… https://t.co/PjOoN1zb0e

    18. This grumpy but adorable Moody Margaret.

    @BBCBreakfast Moody Margaret from Horrid Henry

    19. This teacher-turned-Willy Wonka won't let the snow stop her enjoying World Book Day.

    Wish I had teachers like my mum in school. Snow wont stop her brining energy for the kids on world book day.

    20. Neither will this brilliant Tin Man.

    World book day..Love my little Tin Man

    21. The Boy In A Dress may be a little cold in the snow.

    #WorldBookDay @MinsterSchool #SnowDay #TheBoyInTheDress #thebeastfromtheast

    22. This Mad Hatter really went all out.

    My mom for #WorldBookDayUK dressed as the mad hatter. Isn’t she the cutest teaching assistant around

    23. This very inventive James And The Giant Peach bump.

    About the only thing I could be while this pregnant! #WorldBookDay #teamenglish

    24. This fab Dennis the Menace.

    Dennis the Menace 👌 Happy World Book Day!

    25. This mini Scully is ready to solve some mysteries.

    My daughter for world book day 😍@GillianA @davidduchovny @thexfiles @XFilesNews #TheXFiles #ScullyEffect… https://t.co/LXdoCg8lCX

    26. These very cheeky Things.

    @thismorning Our little Things! 🤣 All ready for World Book Day today! Caught with the dreaded sick bug but still al… https://t.co/BhXZpaOopE

    27. And finally, this brilliantly dressed Short Sighted Giraffe.

    Millie as ‘The Short Sighted Giraffe’ chosen after seeing @DrRanj read her favourite story on @CBeebiesHQ ! Amazing… https://t.co/Rl1ACNFmqR