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    21 Reasons Lidl Is The Greatest Supermarket

    If it's good enough for Paris Hilton, it's good enough for you.

    1. You live for Lidl's ridiculously cheap prices.

    2. And revel in the fact that you can do a huge shop for under £30.

    3. Which is great until it's Christmas and the store looks like this.

    4. You've learnt to love the blatant knock-off brands more than the legit versions.

    5. Which means Fin Carré is now your favourite brand of chocolate.

    6. And all of your toiletries are Lidl's own Cien, which you honestly rate quite highly.

    7. You love the word "Lidl" as it lends itself to many puns, which makes it the punniest of all the supermarkets.

    8. You've experienced fighting to get the last onion.

    9. And lots of the food is in boxes, so you feel a great sense of achievement when you've successfully foraged.

    10. You always get your five a day because fruit is cheap as chips.

    11. And you have a serious passion for the Lidl bakery.

    12. Especially those focaccias, which are truly a thing of beauty.

    13. You love going into the store and seeing this tweet.

    14. And knowing that your favourite supermarket is great with innuendos.

    15. You always go a little overboard when buying nuts.

    16. You feel considerably more German when you leave.

    17. You always end up buying more than you wanted because you have to spend a while queueing next to all the yummy food.

    18. And you always leave having bought the most random things.

    19. You especially appreciate the cheap wine.

    20. And how Lidl considerably ups your cheeseboard game.

    21. But you mostly appreciate that even Paris Hilton loves Lidl.