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    Peeking Behind The Scenes Of Tranquillum In Hulu's "Nine Perfect Strangers"

    Peace, love, and Melissa McCarthy.

    Nine Perfect Strangers is a kooky mystery drama that has viewers divided. I think it's weird but fun!

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    Love it or not, one cannot argue that the show features a totally top-notch cast and a shoot location to rival The White Lotus.

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    I wanted more of both and took a dive behind the scenes. Behold:

    Nicole Kidman (aka Masha, leader of Tranquillum wellness retreat) shared some glorious photos on her Instagram.

    She shared that production was almost canceled due to COVID, but moving the shoot from LA to Byron Bay, Australia, kept things chugging.

    Nicole is a fan of the limited series format, as that's how she made her breakthrough as an actor in Australia.

    Looks like she and fan favorite Melissa McCarthy (Frances Welty on the show) had a pretty, pretty good time on set.

    Hi, Luke Evans.

    Melissa provides a closer look at some of her more memorable scenes...

    And surprised her cast mates with a (relevant) pop quiz!

    But Melissa has plenty of love left for Luke Evans, who plays rough-around-the-edges Lars Lee.

    Looks like a mighty peaceful place to learn some lines.

    Here's class clown Melissa with Samara Weaving, aka Jessica Chandler.

    You may remember an interesting scene involving Jessica, some hallucinating, and her nose.

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    The scene was done with zero special effects, only prosthetics. Melvin Gregg, who plays her hubs, Ben, actually wanted to keep the fake nose as a pretend "science project" (but no dice).

    You may also recall Jess and pals getting up close and personal with digging their own graves.

    Hulu / Via

    Manny Jacinto, who plays staffer Yao, shared that the actors didn't go "really method," and the sites were dug by the time they got there, but it was so hot that day that even pretend digging was pretty hardcore.

    Yao looking concerned, Masha in the background with a half smile
    Vince Valitutti / ©Hulu / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Manny also shared that the cast and crew tried to "keep it light" on set because of how serious the material was.

    Hulu / Via

    He added, "If someone’s filmed a darker, more emotional scene, we tend to leave them alone afterward. If you see that someone needs their space, you give it to them."

    Looks like it all came together. Congrats to the cast and crew on an exciting run!

    I'll be over here eagerly anticipating the series finale on September 22.

    Tune into Nine Perfect Strangers Wednesdays on Hulu. Are you Team Tranquillum? Let us know in the comments!

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