Here's Where You've Seen The Cast Of "Nine Perfect Strangers" Before

    These strangers are actually familiar faces.

    If you've been making your way through Nine Perfect Strangers and simply can't get enough, you're not alone there.

    The powerhouse cast is made up of Nicole Kidman, Regina Hall, Melissa McCarthy, and Luke Evans, just to name a few.

    If you want even more from your favorite characters on the show, we've rounded up all the other TV shows and movies you can add to your watch list. Check out the guide below:

    Nicole Kidman plays Masha Dmitrichenko

    Melissa McCarthy plays Frances Welty

    Regina Halls plays Carmel Schneider

    Luke Evans plays Lars Lee

    Michael Shannon plays Napoleon Marconi

    Michael Shannon in Nine Perfect Strangers

    Bobby Cannavale plays Tony Hogburn

    Bobby Cannavale in Nine Perfect Strangers

    Tiffany Boone plays Delilah

    Tiffany Boone on the red carpet

    Manny Jacinto plays Yao

    Manny Jacinto on the red carpet

    Asher Keddie plays Heather Marconi

    Asher Keddie in Nine Perfect Strangers

    Grace Van Paten plays Zoe Marconi

    Samara Weaving plays Jessica Chandler

    Melvin Gregg plays Ben Chandler

    Melvin Gregg on the red carpet

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