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    24 Disney Facts That Will Make You Say "Where Has My Life Gone?"

    A Tale As Old As Time: My Autobiography

    1. The first time you were able to sing along to "Hakuna Matata" in theaters was 22 years ago.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    2. Toy Story 2 premiered almost 17 years ago.

    3. And sweet, sweet Haley Joel Osment was at that premiere at the adorable age of 11. Now he's 28.

    Brenda Chase / Getty Images
    Angela Weiss / Getty Images

    4. Oh, and Remember the Titans came out almost 16 years ago.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Buena Vista Pictures

    5. Precious Ryan Gosling was only 19 years old when the film premiered.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Buena Vista Pictures

    6. It's been 18 years since we were first mesmerized by Mulan's lipstick.


    7. And 21 years since we were first entranced with Pocahontas' voice in theaters.


    8. Sister, Sister has been off the air for 17 years.

    Disney / WB

    (Although you can still catch reruns every now and then.)

    9. This is what Matt from Lizzie McGuire looks like today.

    Disney Channel

    10. Oh, and here's what Ethan Craft looks like now.

    Disney Channel

    11. We first met Roz over 14 years ago.

    Disney / Pixar

    12. When Hocus Pocus came out, Bill Clinton had recently begun his presidency.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Buena Vista Pictures

    13. And Simone Biles most definitely wasn't watching The Parent Trap in 1998...because she was born just one year before that.

    Walt Disney Pictures
    Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

    14. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids has been in this world for over 27 years.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    15. The Goofy Movie's Leaning Tower of Cheeza has been leaning for 21 years.


    16. And Stitch made us all this beautiful cake 14 years ago.


    17. The Nightmare Before Christmas is officially 22 years old.

    Touchstone Pictures / Walt Disney Pictures

    18. We've been singing along to "Be Our Guest" for over 24 years.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    19. This picture from The Princess Diaries premiere was taken 15 years ago.

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    20. And this Tarzan McDonald's happy meal toy was first available 17 years ago.

    21. The actor who voiced Nemo was 9 years old when the film premiered. Now he's 22.

    Dan Steinberg / Getty Images
    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    22. Boy Meets World premiered 22 years ago.

    Disney Channel

    23. And Mr. Feeny is still Mr. Feeny.

    Disney Channel

    24. And finally, it's been almost 27 years since Ursula stole Ariel's voice on the big screen.


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