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    17 Hilarious Babysitter Food Confessions

    Sorry for eating all of your food, parents.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best babysitting confessions. Here are the hilarious and weird food-related results.

    1. My b:

    "They said I could eat their food but I always felt really guilty about it, so whenever I heard the garage door open I would throw whatever I was eating behind the sofa. I’m sure they found a surprise when they moved." —PHM8

    2. Gotta have that pepperoni:

    "I used to steal pepperoni from the fridge and I felt like such a rebel for it. I probably would have been allowed to have it anyway, but I was too nervous to ask and risk them catching me steal it if they said no. Pepperoni was just that important to a 15-year-old me." —binlylikenobodyswatching

    3. Fancy tastebuds:

    "I once wrecked the family's car by hitting an ice bank, and they were so nice about it... What they were not cool with was my cheese consumption. They said I could eat whatever I wanted, and I took that to heart. That all changed one day when the dad came home and he told me they couldn't afford to support my expensive cheese addiction. From then on, they bought me my own separate cheap cheese that I had to ration sparingly." —Sam van Hooydonk, email


    4. I'm v sorry:

    "The kids I used to babysit had parents that went out three times a week. Every time they would order a Little Caesars pizza and a side of Crazy Bread. I used to eat half the pizza and the entire bag of breadsticks and then tell the parents the kids [were really] hungry. I got caught, eventually, when the kids complained that they hadn’t gotten Crazy Bread in MONTHS!" —maggiew44c549ca5

    5. Oops:

    "One summer I was babysitting for the boys down the street. They had a roll of cookie dough in the back of their fridge that was unopened. When I was making their lunch I would eat little pieces of cookie dough. Nobody noticed and every day I would take a little bit more until it was gone by the end of the summer." — marianneb4e6e55e00


    6. Nothing happened here:

    "Whenever I used to babysit for my neighbors, after I put the kids to bed I would go through the pantry and eat their candy and fruit snacks because I never got them at home. I was smart about it, too. I would eat enough to satisfy myself but then distribute the snack equally to make it look like nothing happened." —bessschug

    7. *looks the other way*:

    "The groceries were delivered while I was babysitting and I ate a new two-pack box of posh ice cream–stuffed cookies when the kids were asleep. When the parents returned I told them that the kids ate them. To be fair, it should’ve been considered payment for putting their groceries away!" —darcydelichc

    Comedy Central

    8. Liar, liar, pants on fire:

    "I once babysat four kids, and their parents ordered us pizza and a molten lava cake. When the pizza man arrived I hid the lava cake from the kids and ate it after they went to bed. I ended up telling the parents that the lava cake wasn’t delivered. There was no way the cake was big enough for five of us." —alixxs

    9. No one will notice:

    "I used to eat the family's ice cream, but to make it look like I hadn't had a lot, I would kind of spread the ice cream around in the carton. Which, honestly, is really stupid because I always know when someone's eaten some of my ice cream." —caseyrackham

    Warner Bros.

    10. The good stuff:

    "I would eat one, maybe two packets of Toaster Strudel frosting after the kids were in bed." —joannak4e95ba17a

    11. It was trash, anyway:

    "After the kids went to bed I ate their half-eaten, leftover, mostly crusts of pizza from dinner that I 'forgot' to throw away." —meganl4ef411828


    12. No pain, no gain:

    "I was starving so I began roaming the pantry and found a can of Pringles on the very top shelf. Well, to my disappointment, I opened the can to discover there were no chips inside but rather a spring-loaded snake. Within seconds my nose began trickling blood before releasing a steady stream coming from my nose all over my face, clothes, and the pristine white floor. All this trouble just because I wanted a small snack." —skailyr

    13. One for you, and five for me:

    "I once babysat for this family that made weekly trips to Costco. Their cupboard was always STUFFED with prepackaged snacks. I would take some home with me and then rearrange the snacks so it didn’t look like any were missing. Let's just say I was VERY well-stocked on dorm snacks for the next couple weeks." —aliciamex

    Warner Bros.

    14. It's the thought that counts:

    "I brought them donuts and told the parents they were for the kids, but ended up eating them before the kids woke up." —sheenlavigne

    15. Trick-or-treat:

    "I used to babysit for this single mom with three kids, and I got away with a LOT that I feel high-key guilty for…like sneaking some of their Halloween candy away with me. It was all in a pumpkin under the sink, and FULL of the good stuff!" —sleepingpulchere


    16. Five-second rule:

    "When I was 14 I had to babysit these two kids. It was over dinner so I had to make something for us to eat, and the dad left a frozen pizza for me to bake. I know this is a stupid fear, but I hate using ovens. When the pizza was done I tried to take it out but freaked out halfway through and dropped the pizza on the floor — cheese down and everything. I felt horrible that I gave them dirty floor pizza." —Goldielock721

    17. So smooth:

    "The family I babysat for was always very generous with allowing me to eat their food, but I didn’t want them to know that the kids and I all ate ice cream so they used bowls and I used the lid of my sushi container." —ostanley42

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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