“Toy Story 4” Has The Most Easter Eggs Of Any Pixar Film — Here's A List Of Them

    Did you catch the Pizza Planet truck?

    If you're a Pixar fan, then you know that hidden easter eggs are pretty much a staple in all of their films.

    And Toy Story 4 is no different! When BuzzFeed went to Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, California to check out the making of the movie, Director Josh Cooley revealed that there are more easter eggs in it than any other Pixar film ever.

    Here's a running list of easter eggs from the film:

    1. The iconic Pizza Planet truck:

    2. Goggles from Finding Nemo and a Casey Jr. Cookie box from A Bug's Life:

    3. The grape soda/Ellie badge from Up:

    4. The Luxo ball from Pixar's short Luxo Jr.:

    5. The guitars from Coco:

    6. Strut Jetstream from Cars:

    7. Tin Toy from the original Pixar short:

    8. Anton from Ratatouille:

    9. Boo from Monster's Inc.:

    10. A RMRF97 license plate, which is a reference to the command code that once accidentally deleted Toy Story 2 from the Pixar computers:

    11. The Tiki heads from Finding Nemo:

    12. Bing Bong's rocket:

    13. A giant Mickey watch:

    14. A painting of Riley's Dad from Inside Out as a conquistador:

    15. A painting of the dogs from Up playing poker (as well as call-outs to Pixar's address!):

    16. Merida's bow from Brave:

    17. An antique model of the Eiffel Tower from Ratatouille:

    18. Tripledent chewing gum from Inside Out:

    19. Poultry Palace from the Toy Story short Small Fry:

    20. A record of "Remember Me" from Coco:

    21. A black-and-white portrait of Geri from Geri's Game:

    Did you notice any other cool ones? Let us know in the comments and we'll make sure to update the list!