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    15 "Umbrella Academy" Details That'll Make You Say, "How Did I Miss That?"

    I heard a rumor that you loved these little details.

    🚨Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 ahead!🚨

    1. When most of the siblings are first introduced, their "number" is visible behind them. Example: Luther's station on the moon is labeled with "01" and Klaus finds out about his father's death on Channel 4.

    2. Gerard Way, the co-creator of the Umbrella Academy comics and the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, gave Vanya's book a "blurb" on the back cover.

    3. The same woman showed up in four separate scenes: the bank robbery, the bus, the rave, and the bowling alley.

    4. When the siblings are bowling with each other, they name their lane "Umbrella Team."

    5. At one point, when Klaus and Ben are walking next to each other, you can see Ben's shadow...which is quite interesting, since he's "dead." (Let's talk theories in the comments!)

    6. Uh, has anyone else noticed that there are no cellphones in this show?

    7. Wait, actually, let's talk about the technology on the show because even though the main events take place in 2019, the tech is all over the place. For example, some things seem futuristic (Luther's genetic modification, Grace, etc.) but then there is tons of outdated tech (VHS tapes, payphones, small TVs).

    8. In Episode 3, you can see a Lego Saturn V model in Luther's room, which foreshadows his future time on the moon.

    9. And then again in Episode 3, Grace's needlepoint foreshadows the moon breaking apart in the finale. (Or maybe it's not foreshadowing; maybe she knew the whole time.)

    10. When Number Five first gets back from the future, he makes himself a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich, which is a cute callback to the beginning of Episode 1 where Vanya tells Pogo that she used to leave PB&M sandwiches for her brother after he time traveled.

    11. When we watch Reginald monitoring the siblings' brain activity while they sleep, we can see that Vanya has considerably more activity going on than the other children.

    12. In the first episode, when they're all dancing to "I Think We're Alone Now," there's a line that goes "the beating of our hearts is the only sound," which is possible foreshadowing for the scene where Vanya escapes the ironclad room by listening to her heart beat.

    13. In Episode 5, when Number Five is walking around with Delores after the apocalypse, you can see that the power lines are all bent...which is what Vanya does to the lamp posts later in the series (before the apocalypse happens in present day).

    14. Vanya's powers are possibly foreshadowed through the weather during the earlier episode of the series. Examples: When she finds out her her father has died, it starts raining, and right before she goes in for rehearsal, the breeze picks up (which Leonard seems to notice).

    15. And finally, as Reddit user airguitarbandit noticed, in Episode 4, the cinematography of the show mimics how a comic book works: "all the panels (or square openings in the architecture) are on the page (screen) at the same time, but the passing of time is implied between them."

    Did you notice anything else? Let us know in the comments!