The Dance Scene In "The Umbrella Academy" Punched Me Right In My Very Emotional Heart

    I think we're alone now.

    For those of you who haven't watched Netflix's The Umbrella Academy yet, it's about a group of estranged siblings with extraordinary powers who reunite after their father's death.

    BUT if you've watched the show already, then you know that one of the best scenes in the entire series is that dance scene in the first episode. It's just so pure and wholesome and magical!!!

    CHILDREN! Behave. @UmbrellaAcad is now streaming and this exclusive scene is perhaps the purest dance party of all time.

    I mean, let's just break down why it's great:

    1. It's a seriously genius way to introduce us to all the different characters, not only through their dance moves but also through a peek into (some of) their childhood bedrooms:

    There's buttoned-up Luther letting his goofy side show:

    There's movie star Allison strutting around her room with a feather boa:

    There's rebellious and reckless Diego showing off:

    There's beats-to-his-own-drum Klaus twirling around the kitchen with his father's urn:

    And there's wallflower Vanya *attempting* to break loose:

    2. They're dancing to Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now," which we can all agree is a catchy-as-hell song:

    3. The scene is BEAUTIFULLY shot:

    4. And finally, it's deeply heartwarming and sad at the same time! Here's a group of siblings who all think they're alone in this world, but who actually have each other, even if they don't realize it yet. Showrunner Steve Blackman said it best in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

    They think they’re so different, but in that one moment, with that one song playing, they’re all dancing. They think no one else is, but they’re all doing the same thing. Deep down, they’re all desperate for the same thing, which is acceptance and being a part of a family again. If only they could just take a minute to tell each other! But they won’t, and that’s the fun of the show, seeing if maybe one day they’ll figure it out and also possibly save the world.

    Here's to them *hopefully* saving the world in a Season 2!