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    16 "Umbrella Academy" Questions We Seriously Need To Know The Answers To

    WARNING: Spoilers!!!!

    1. Why doesn't Number Five have a name?

    2. Who is the woman who showed up in the bank robbery, the rave, the bowling alley, and the bus?

    3. How did Ben die?

    4. What happened to all their birth mothers?

    5. And what happened to the other 36 babies that Hargreeves didn't adopt?

    6. We know Allison was trying not to use her powers anymore, but if she really wanted custody, why didn’t she just use them one more time???

    7. How can Klaus live an entire year in the matter of an hour?

    8. And the same goes for Five — can someone please just explain how Time Travel™ works?

    9. Does the show take place in a different timeline, aka an Earth 2 (for example)? Only because present day takes place in 2019, but 2019 for them is full of contradictory technology: genetic modification and a robot mom vs. no cellphones and VHS tapes.

    10. How did Reginald "create" Mr. Pogo and why????

    11. Will Mr. Pogo somehow come back to life?

    12. What EXACTLY was Luther injected with???

    13. During the start of the time travel in the finale, they all reverted into their teenage selves: If there's a second season, is that how we'll see them?

    14. And since they've time traveled again, does this mean we might see Leonard and Patch again?!

    15. Will we see Mom again, too????

    16. And finally, will they even all survive that time travel?!?