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    38 Behind-The-Scenes "Umbrella Academy" Photos Everyone Should Get To See

    So much Umbrella Academy love.

    1. Emmy Raver-Lampman looking at her phone on set while the world is casually burning all around her:

    2. Justin H. Min, Tom Hopper, Robert Sheehan, and Emmy all posing for a sibling selfie on the last day of shooting:

    3. Ellen Page walking around on set with her very own Number Seven umbrella:

    4. Uh, Tom smiling at Justin after almost hitting a VERY expensive drone during filming:

    5. Tom dancing his freakin' heart out as Luther in that rave scene:

    6. Some of the tiny Hargreeves taking a tutoring break and playing a game of Uno:

    7. The cast (minus a few numbers) posing for a pic after a family dinner:

    8. Lil' Luther (Cameron Brodeur) and lil' Allison (Eden Cupid) taking some power naps on set:

    9. Cameron Britton and Robert laughing during takes of that ICONIC ice cream truck scene:

    10. The Hardgreeves gang chillin' on family bowling night:

    11. Tom getting dried off on set:

    12. A pair of sleepy brothers trying to keep their eyes open during filming:

    13. Justin explaining why he could tell NO ONE that he had been cast as Ben (they even put "Jake" on his trailer so no one would know his character's name):

    14. A drawing by comic book artist Fábio Moon of the cast's first-ever table read:

    15. Aiden Gallagher and co-creator Gerard Way posing for a selfie after their first table read together:

    16. Jordan Claire Robbins, aka Grace, hanging out with all seven of her children:

    17. David Castañeda and Tom rehearsing Diego and Luther's fight scene:

    18. Jordan serving Grace's sunny side up eggs to the camera:

    19. And then Jordan using some of her free time to twirl around in Grace's dress:

    20. The whole (extended) Umbrella fam brunchin' together in Toronto:

    21. Number Two and Four hanging out in the backset while Number Six snaps some pics in the front:

    22. Number Five and Cha-Cha, aka the one-and-only Mary J. Blige, hanging out (even though they are mortal enemies):

    23. Little Vanya FINALLY getting into a family photo with the rest of her siblings:

    24. Emmy getting her makeup and hair done before filming:

    25. Cameron hanging out with Hazel's stunt double:

    26. Tiny Diego getting a little support from the rest of his fam:

    27. And then the tiny Hargreeves getting driven around set:

    28. Tom lookin' all moody during Luther and Allison's window scene:

    29. Kate Walsh getting to finally announce that she is the one and only Handler:

    30. David singing to Robert while doing press for the show:

    31. Some of the fam driving off together:

    32. Number One, Two, and Three just having some good ol' family time:

    33. Big Luther and little Luther being all brotherly:

    34. And big Ben next to little Ben (Ethan Hwang):

    35. And big Allison with little Allison!

    36. We're not done yet — here's big Vanya and little Vanya (T.J. McGibbon)!

    37. Ellen saying a sweet goodbye to Vanya:

    38. And finally, Mary J. Blige dancing with the rest of the cast: