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    Korg Is Gonna Be In "Thor: Love And Thunder" And I'm So Ready

    "Over here. The pile of rocks waving at you."

    So you know how we're getting a new Thor — Thor: Love and Thunder — with Natalie Portman as female Thor?

    And you know how Valkyrie will be "find[ing] her queen" in the movie?

    Well now there's more great news because director and writer Taika Waititi has confirmed on Jimmy Kimmel Live that his hilarious character, Korg, will officially be returning to the Thor world!!!

    And this is clearly amazing news because KORG IS THE BEST.

    I mean, come on...

    So everyone get ready for a lot of Korg shenanigans...and hopefully a lot of Korg + Miek shenanigans!

    Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a while to see Korg because Thor: Love and Thunder won't hit theaters until Nov. 5, 2021.