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    "Office" Fans, Steve Carell Will Record Your Outgoing Voicemail If You Win This Auction

    Oh, boy, I want this bad.

    Everyone, listen up — THERE'S IMPORTANT TV NEWS.


    We all have a chance to win an outgoing voicemail courtesy of Steve Carell, lunch with The Office's Angela Kinsey, Creed Bratton, and Kate Flannery, and...


    ...drumroll, please... ~intimate~ coffee date with Grey's Anatomy's Eric Dane, aka Dr. McSteamy.


    I can't breathe.

    Yeah, that's right — Los Angeles's Oakwood School is auctioning off an outgoing voicemail recording and a personalized video greeting by Steve Carell:


    Just imagine him leaving an awkward AF Michael Scott outgoing voicemail that your friends and family will get to hear every time they call you. (Hopefully he'll let a "that's what she said" slip in there.)

    A two-hour lunch with Angela, Creed, and Meredith from The Office:

    Via Twitter: @jennafischer

    I can't handle this Dunder Mifflin combination.

    And, of course, a coffee date with THE ONE AND ONLY McSteamy:


    Here's the real question, though: If you win this auction, will you be able to stop blushing and giggling long enough to actually talk to him?

    Now all you have to do is find a cool $2,500 (or more) bucks lying around to bid on this TV magic.


    (No prob, let me just sell my soul real quick.)