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    12 Wonderful Celebrity #TBT Photos You Probably Missed This Week

    Nicole Kidman and Rashida Jones won this week.

    1. Naomi Watts posted a picture of Nicole Kidman staring deeply into all of our souls. (Like, we're all cursed now, right?)

    2. Rashida Jones shared this AMAZING photo of her in her old cheerleading uniform.

    3. Susan Sarandon uploaded a pic of a pic of her and Christopher Walken from 1982.

    4. John Stamos celebrated #TBT and National Selfie Day with a cute throwback pick of him and the-one-and-only Kimmy Gibbler.

    5. Mandy Moore took us all down memory lane, back to when she won a much-deserved award for A Walk to Remember.

    6. Gwen Stefani gifted us all with this LOOK, and once again proved that she is ageless.

    7. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shared this awesome pic (and seriously sweet caption) in honor of Father's Day.

    8. Natalie Portman also made sure to celebrate her dad (and her great Donald Duck sweatshirt).

    9. And, I promise, just one more Father's Day pic, here's Anne Hathaway shared a photo of her looking like the cutest cherub I've ever seen.

    10. I LIED. HERE'S ONE MORE FATHER'S DAY PIC BECAUSE I CAN'T STOP: Just take a look at cute lil' Constance Wu holding a can of Sprite.

    11. Robert Downey Jr. brought us back in time so we could stare into the abyss that is both his and his father's bone structure.

    12. And finally, Barbra Streisand posted a video from 51 YEARS AGO of her singing in Central Park.

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