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Who Is More F*ckable: Wall-E Or BB-8?

Whoops, I mean ADORABLE. Who's more adorable?

Casey Cline 9 months ago

13 Of The Most Boring Moments To Be Alive

You know what's worse than waiting in line for hours on end at the DMV? Living through ANY of the following situations.

Casey Cline 9 months ago

I Gave Four Dogs A Bath With A Fancy Wand And Everyone Loved It

Gather ’round for a bathtime tail. ;)

We Spent A Weekend At An Assisted Living Facility

An intimate peek at aging from the residents of Stonewall Gardens.

This Is How BuzzFeed New York Does Halloween

We take this holiday SERIOUSLY.

Jon Premosch 3 years ago

The Realest Things We Learned During Our First Months Postpartum

It was amazing. It was scary. But no matter how hard it got, it was always natural (sometimes we just needed someone to remind us).

13 Ways To Talk With Your Parents About Aging

When it’s time to take care of the people who took care of you.

How To DIY Your Home Into A Haunted House

Spooky Halloween decorations are being sold everywhere you look! Get in the spirit at home by turning your house into a true Halloween haunt and earn 1.5% cash back on everything you buy using the Chase Freedom Unlimited℠ card.

We Tried 7 Techniques For Lucid Dreaming So You Can Too

From the tried-and-true to the relatively obscure, the techniques we tried certainly bore some...interesting results. Try some yourself before watching Falling Water Thursdays at 10/9C on USA Network.

We Tried To Pay Attention To Every NYC Ad And It Was Eye-Opening

So. Many. Things. To. Purchase! At every turn. Thankfully, with the Chase Freedom Unlimited℠ card, you can earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you buy.

What Should Be The Emoji For Having Your Period?

It's that time of the month again.

Casey Cline 3 years ago
Casey Cline 3 years ago

We Road-Tripped From Williamsburg, Brooklyn, To Williamsburg, Virginia

We went searching for America's history and took a million selfies.

People Share What They've Gotten Away With In Front Of Parents

OK seriously. HOW did we ever get away with these things?!

13 NYC Snapchat Filters That Should Definitely Exist

I think we've all seen enough of the white Manhattan filter to last a lifetime.

Kweeston 3 years ago

Get Drunk At Work On A Tuesday: A Snapchat Challenge

It's exactly what it sounds like, and the results are pretty much what you would expect.

Kweeston 3 years ago

If We Spoke Honestly About Mental Health

Let’s start the conversation about mental illness and erase the stigma.