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10 Gifts For The Toughest Person To Shop For On Your List

Take a deep breath in. Yes, you've got this. You are a gifting god.

1. A water bottle, because EVERYONE needs water.

2. A fresh set of sheets for anyone who could afford to catch a few more 💤.

3. Speaking of sheets, sheet masks will please anyone. Yes, ANYONE!

4. A weighted blanket will soothe stress and ease anxiety.

5. A pillow with their face on it that'll leave them confused and delighted at the same time.

6. A sleek device that'll help put an end to misplacing things (the classic human folly).

7. A plant your friend will care for as much as you care for your friend.

8. A bidet for their bootet.

9. Snag a sleek bamboo stool for the bathroom (since we're on the topic).

10. And an adorable cross-stitch that'll say what you can't.