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You Can Hire Someone To Think Of Your Entire Engagement

"Brag-worthy wedding proposals" for just a tiny fee.

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Now it seems like engagements are becoming more of a public spectacle than a private occasion, with viral engagement videos popping up everywhere.

From over-the-top daylong music videos to elaborate flash mobs, proposals are starting to become more than just a yes or no question. Although viral videos are not the norm, making one may start feeling like added pressure when you're getting ready to pop the question.

If you feel like you have no creativity and want to avoid the ole simple proposal, there are engagement planners that will craft and design your "brag-worthy wedding proposal" for a hefty fee.

This includes anything from giving your bedroom a romantic makeover to choreographing an entire dance to a song of your choice.


"Proposal Packages" usually start at around $300–$400 just to create the proposal idea only.

This doesn't include all the items you'd need. Brilliant Event Planning in New York City says these packages are "perfect for our clients with big dreams but a small budget" on their website. This package gets you a Q&A session and the idea presentation.

The Heart Bandits will personalize your proposal based in the city you live in. Their basic Dallas package includes a picnic setup for $590.

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They'll set up your picnic lunch or dinner for your romantic moment. Oh, and the sunset is free.

The Yes Girls will create and execute a complete proposal package for about $3,450.

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This package includes a six-hour limo ride, a multi-course dinner, a photographer, champagne, a guitarist for two hours, and more. So basically an entire day dedicated to asking your S.O. to be your husband or bride.

You can also get a custom 3- to 5-minute flash mob starting at $1,847.

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For this price, you get eight dancers, but each additional dancer will cost you more. You choose your venue and song and the planner takes it from there.