This Is The Most Over-The-Top Wedding Proposal Of All Time Ever

Does this guy have a twin brother and where can I find him?

1. Gentleman, grab a pencil… If you can incorporate any of the following aspects into your proposal, you’re setting yourself up for success.

ID: 1812946

2. 1. Take her to the restaurant where you had your first date. (Bonus points if you can get the same table you sat at way back when.)

ID: 1812964

3. 2. Make sure there is an element of surprise.

ID: 1812998

4. 3. Find some way to incorporate NSYNC. (Just trust me on this one.)

ID: 1813006

5. 4. When it comes to sex appeal, remember: There can never be too much of a good thing.

ID: 1813056

6. 5. Don’t be afraid to show your feminine side.

ID: 1813085

7. 6. Incorporating a flash mob is highly encouraged.

ID: 1813107

8. 7. Don’t skimp on the graphic effects.

ID: 1813138

9. 8. And videos of the two of you laughing and having fun together never hurts.

ID: 1813153

10. 9. Always ask dad’s permission.

ID: 1813201

11. 10. And if all else fails, get down on one knee and speak from the heart.

ID: 1813184

12. Now grab some popcorn and a box of tissues and watch the entire video:

ID: 1812921

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