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    23 Signs Your Obsession With Cats Is Getting Out Of Control

    Fur real, they are litter-ally purr-fect.

    1. Let's be real, your pictures on your phone are mostly of your cat.

    2. And people have defriended you on Snapchat because you only send cat snaps.

    3. You take more selfies with your cat than with your friends.

    4. Instead of getting lost shopping for yourself in Target, you get lost shopping for your cat.

    5. You've accepted you don't own your cat, your cat owns you and it's a privilege to live in their house.

    6. You definitely have WAY more than one cat-themed article of clothing.

    7. When you debate going out with friends or staying in with your cat, your cat USUALLY wins.

    8. You've attempted dressing your cat up in an outfit, and probably were scratched in the process.

    9. You will hold your pee and breath for hours if your cat sits remotely close to you.

    10. A cat is your go-to Halloween costume.

    11. You save plastic bags and boxes, not because you're environmentally conscious, but because you know your cat will love playing with them.

    12. Nothing is better than looking at your cat sit on a glass table from below.

    13. Going on vacation comes with mixed emotions because the thought of leaving your cat is PRETTY DAMN SAD.

    14. You've sacrificed pieces of your flesh and furniture to the cat gods.

    15. You've taken sick days from work just to take care of your cat.

    16. You refuse to fix that drip in your sink because you know your cat likes to drink from it.

    17. You spend more time wondering what your cat is thinking than what your crush is thinking.

    18. You're responsible for most of the views on "Keyboard Cat REINCARNATED!"

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    19. You live for tender hand-to-paw holding moments.

    20. You know it's not your place to take your cat's seat.

    21. You follow more cats on Instagram than people, and you may be convinced you have the next Grumpy Cat on your hands.

    22. You'll go on and on at a party about your cat until you remember that most people won't actually care.

    And though some people may call you a crazy cat lady...

    23. ... you know the only thing that matters is coming home to your boo.

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