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    28 Things That Will Turn 20 In 2015

    Mind = BLOWN

    Via Candace Lowry for BuzzFeed

    1. Goosebumps the TV show

    20th Television

    Premiering with "The Haunted Mask" on Oct. 27, 1995, Goosebumps successfully scared the shit out of '90s kids until 1998.

    2. "The Macarena"

    "The Macarena" was written after the duo Los Del Rio saw a beautiful Flamenco dancer in Venezuela, and it has been stuck in our heads ever since.

    3. The Full House SERIES finale


    The series finale is only one of two episodes where the character Dwayne says something more than "Whatever."

    4. Kendall Jenner


    Yep, Kendall will be 20, and Kylie will be 18.

    5. Nintendo 64

    Before announcing the console in 1995, Nintendo 64 went under the secret name "Project Reality."

    6. The premiere of Legends of the Hidden Temple

    Nick GAS

    The Silver Snakes won the most runs throughout the entire show, and the Blue Barracudas won the least.

    7. The PlayStation


    Before its 1995 release, the PlayStation was originally meant to be an add-on for the Super Nintendo, but it ended up becoming a console of its own.

    8. Drew Barrymore table-dancing for David Letterman


    Someone was really excited about their birthday...

    9. "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit!"

    AFP / Getty Images
    AFP / Getty Images

    The O.J. Simpson trial began in January 1995 and lasted all the way until his monumental acquittal in October.

    10. Selena's death

    AFP / Getty Images / JEFF HAYNES

    In March 1995, Selena was shot and killed by her fan club's president, Yolanda Saldívar.

    11. JavaScript

    Brendan Eich created JavaScript, originally named "Mocha," in only 10 DAYS.

    12. Ben Geller

    Warner Bros. Television / Via

    Yep, Ross Geller's little boy would be 20 YEARS OLD in 2015.

    13. The George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine


    Since 1995, more than 100 million George Foreman Grills have been sold.

    14. The Starbucks Frappuccino

    Starbucks /

    The Frappuccino was introduced in only two flavors, Coffee and Mocha. Now Starbucks has created over 25 unique flavors.

    15. The first match on


    When interviewed about the Beta site in 1995, founder Gary Kremen said, " will bring more love to the planet than anything since Jesus Christ.”

    16. Alanis Morissette's "Jagged Little Pill"

    Reprise Records

    To this day, Full House's Dave Coulier refuses to believe "You Oughta Know" is about him.

    17. Jerry Garcia's death

    Getty images / Larry Hulst
    Getty Images / Kim Komenich

    Just a few days after Jerry Garcia'a death, nearly 20,000 Deadheads showed up to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco to mourn the Grateful Dead guitarist.

    18. McKayla Maroney

    The Olympic gymnast will probably not be very amused about her 20th birthday next year.

    19. "Gangsta's Paradise" / Via

    Coolio released the song in conjunction with the film Dangerous Minds, and it ended up being the No. 1 song of 1995.

    20. Mike Myers' last sketch on Saturday Night Live

    Universal Pictures

    Mike Myers left SNL after a six-year stint in 1995 and went on to create the Austin Powers franchise.

    21. Michael Jackson's "Scream"

    After the sexual abuse allegations in 1993, Michael Jackson recorded the aggressive "Scream" with his sister Janet.

    22. Hugh Grant's arrest in Hollywood

    WireImage / S. Granitz
    WireImage / S. Granitz

    Grant, while dating Elizabeth Hurley at the time, was infamously arrested on Sunset Boulevard after engaging in lewd conduct with Divine Brown.

    23. This EXTREMELY awkward Courtney Love moment:

    View this video on YouTube

    Courtney Love bizarrely crashed Madonna's interview at the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards, proceeding to throw her makeup everywhere and fall off her chair multiple times.

    24. The Olsen Twins' first feature film, It Takes Two

    Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
    Warner Bros. Family Entertainment

    In 1995, the Olsen twins took the big screen by storm in It Takes Two, helping girls everywhere decide if they were more of a tomboy or girly girl.

    25. The purple Yahoo logo


    Yahoo got a makeover in 1995 from Times New Roman to the trademark purple logo.

    26. The DVD


    After being announced in 1995, the DVD 1.0 WILL BE 20 YEARS OLD IN 2015.

    27. The POGS craze

    Flickr: mtsofan / Creative Coomons

    Although they were re-introduced in the early '90s, POGS became the most popular and most widely traded toy in 1995.

    28. And our favorite toys of all time


    Toy Story came out in 1995 and melted hearts everywhere. Luckily, Toy Story 4 was announced just in time for its 20th anniversary.

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