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28 Things That Will Turn 20 In 2015

Mind = BLOWN

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17. Jerry Garcia's death

Just a few days after Jerry Garcia'a death, nearly 20,000 Deadheads showed up to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco to mourn the Grateful Dead guitarist.

22. Hugh Grant's arrest in Hollywood

Grant, while dating Elizabeth Hurley at the time, was infamously arrested on Sunset Boulevard after engaging in lewd conduct with Divine Brown.

23. This EXTREMELY awkward Courtney Love moment:

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Courtney Love bizarrely crashed Madonna's interview at the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards, proceeding to throw her makeup everywhere and fall off her chair multiple times.

24. The Olsen Twins' first feature film, It Takes Two

In 1995, the Olsen twins took the big screen by storm in It Takes Two, helping girls everywhere decide if they were more of a tomboy or girly girl.

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