25 People You Can Only Find In Texas

The only state to get Chacos, trucks, and camo.

1. First off, everyone should know how to apply balm to udders.

2. This man exercising his right to bear arms.

3. This nutty pet owner. But really….Texans and squirrels.

4. She’s gotta get her Sonic somehow.

5. This avid fisherman.

6. This guy who obviously went to UT.

Only in Texas

— Natalia (@_nataliaperez)

7. This guy who got the Texas version of Pimp My Ride.

Someone took their #johndeere to school today. #twu #denton #collegelife

— Angel Changsta (@angelchangsta)

8. This meteorologist who has seen worse.

Texas has got to be the only state where it can be 8 degrees in one city and 92 in another.

— Kelsey Sconiers (@KelseyScon)

9. These pre-gamers.

My father shot this today at the Texas Rangers game- a pregame cow milking competition. Only in Texas.

— Andy Langer (@Andylanger)

10. These creative pyros.

11. Camo enthusiasts.

Only in Texas do you see a girl in a camo suit who seems to be a giant.

— Emily. ☮ (@heyyemmaa)

12. Some people collect stamps. This person collects Whataburger numbers.

13. This graduate in Chacos.

I'm graduating from Texas State University!!! And yes. In my Chacos! @chacousa

— kaylin (@KaylinPanning)

14. This passionate political junky.

Only in Texas...

— @TitansHomer (@TitansHomer)

15. This guy using what he’s got. Who says Texans don’t recycle?

Only in Texas would you see a guy fishing off of a giant piece of styrofoam..

— Payton (@GravesPayton)

16. The HEB bag man, who goes by “HE Buddy.”

17. Speaking of HEB…

18. These frightening steer-human hybrids.

19. Just waitin’ on his Oreo Blizzard.

@richardbranson Meanwhile, at a @DairyQueen in Texas, this Walter Mitty says he's a patriot:

— CoCo (@cmartin002)

20. This prankster.

Meanwhile in Texas.

— Gautam Trivedi (@Gotham3)

21. This toddler who lives life on the edge.

22. This cruiser who owns the road.

23. Cattle aren’t going to clean themselves.

24. He’s obviously thinking of new ways to sneak into the carpool lane.

25. This swanky limo driver.

Stay awesome, Texas.

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