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28 Jokes Only "American Horror Story" Fans Will Understand

"Taters gonna Tate." WARNING: Spoilers of past seasons.

1. How you felt when Tate asked this question.

2. Vivien never learns.

3. Making light of one of the most WTF moments of Season 1.

4. A workout for Season 1.

5. True dat.

6. When Larry had to ruin everything.

7. Lana had an unfortunate Season 2.

8. Dammit Briarcliff.

9. Mean Girls knew what was coming.

10. Lana Banana's got a secret.

11. The damn Name Game.

12. Keeping good skin is important...

13. The age old question.

14. Channeling Lana's pain.

15. LOL SRY.

16. Poor Misty Day.

17. What happens every time you hear the theme song.

18. Searching for the next supreme.

19. Knowing you can't deal with these basic bitches.

20. Truth.

21. All day, every Wednesday.

22. "Just feed her some Benadryl!"

23. This perfect valentine.

24. This.

25. Every time you hear supreme.

26. This wonderful gif.

27. Knowing Lily Rabe gets the short end of the stick.

28. And finally...