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    Here Are 30 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Making Of "Love & Death" Starring Elizabeth Olsen

    Due to Elizabeth Olsen's fear of roller coasters, Love & Death only filmed the scene in Episode 2 once, and her genuine reaction made the final cut.

    🚨 There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for all episode of Love & Death! 🚨

    1. First, director and executive producer Lesli Linka Glatter was sent the Texas Monthly articles, which Love & Death is based on, during the coronavirus pandemic and immediately felt this was a great story for TV, considering the real-life case felt "stranger than fiction."

    2. Lesli was drawn to Candy Montgomery's story because unlike other true crime shows, this story felt very "character driven" and it hinged on these people and their relationships in this seemingly perfect small town.

    3. Although they've both worked in Hollywood for a while, Lesli and David E. Kelley had never worked together until this project, and this felt like the perfect time to do so.

    4. Lesli explained that it was great to work with David because it really was a perfect balance of David being "the writing showrunner" and her being "the directing showrunner."

    5. For Love & Death, it was very important to create a sense of community and flesh out all of the characters and their relationships. So, the first scenes they filmed were the big church, picnic, and choir moments, so the cast could bond and get to know each other both on and off screen.

    6. Elizabeth Olsen was the first person Lesli thought of for the role of Candy Montgomery. She and David were both drawn to Elizabeth's ability to "let you in behind her eyes" and explore "the human condition," even if the characters aren't inherently "good."

    7. Lesli said Elizabeth was so good at playing Candy because she doesn't "judge" her characters and is able to get to know them and try to understand their actions as best as possible.

    8. The thing that drew both Lesli and Elizabeth to the character of Candy was that she is this very "complicated, layered female character." Candy represented a woman who acted on impulse, and Elizabeth was able to convey everything that meant.

    9. From the beginning, it was important for the Love & Death creators to bring "authenticity" to the story and "respect and honor the fact that it is a true story."

    10. While researching for Love & Death, the creators wanted to make sure they never portrayed Betty as a "victim who deserved something bad." They used the Texas Monthly articles and the book Evidence of Love to try and convey Betty's own struggles before her murder.

    11. Candy and Allan's relationship was interesting for Lesli to portray because it wasn't about having "this hot affair," but rather two people who "felt very seen and heard by each other."

    12. Filming Betty's murder was "one of the most intense scenes" Lesli has ever directed in her career, namely because it was a depiction of a real-life event.

    13. In order to make sure Elizabeth and Lily Rabe were safe while filming Candy and Betty's struggle, the whole scene was choreographed beat by beat, and they filmed it over two days.

    14. The Love & Death team re-created Candy and Betty's struggle in the laundry room and Betty's murder based on Candy's testimony about what happened. They even built the set to look exactly like the real thing.

    15. Also, if you feel that Betty's murder is told from Candy's point of view, that's on purpose. We never see Betty's point of view in the show because only Candy lived to tell her side of things.

    16. The shot at the end of Episode 1 — when Candy showers after sleeping with Allan for the first time and then it transitions to her shower after Betty's murder — was scripted from the very beginning. They used a close-up of Elizabeth's eyes to really depict the journey Candy is about to go on.

    17. The Love & Death technical advisor was actually Don Crowder's law partner in real life, and he was impressed with how well Tom Pelphrey played a lawyer.

    18. The courtroom scenes in Love & Death were shot like a play, in that they were shot "in one piece" and they only did two takes. Unlike traditional courtroom scenes, they used a lot of close-ups of Elizabeth's face instead of wide shots of the whole room reacting to Candy's testimony.

    19. The first time Elizabeth performed Candy's testimony, Lesli got chills because "it was so good." She was astounded at how vividly Lizzie was able to paint the picture of what happened between Candy and Betty with just her words.

    20. Love & Death filmed on location outside of Austin, Texas, which allowed them to get the small-town feel of 1970s Wylie, Texas.

    21. Filming in Texas also allowed the show to use local actors as background extras, but also as bigger characters — like Brad Leland, who notably starred in Friday Night Lights alongside Jesse Plemons.

    22. All of the planning that Candy and Allan did before their affair actually happened in real life, right down to the do's and don'ts list they make in Candy's kitchen.

    23. The beginning of Candy and Allan's affair was intentionally made to feel like "a very young relationship." When researching the events, the Love & Death team found that while it was an affair, there was something strange about how "innocent" it felt.

    24. Another detail that was true to life was Betty and Allan attending Marriage Encounter in a "medieval"-looking hotel.

    25. Elizabeth is "terrified" of roller coasters, so it took a lot of convincing to get her to try and film the moment between Candy and Allan in Episode 2.

    26. Due to Lizzie's fear, they filmed the roller coaster moment with her only once, so what you see is her genuine reaction to being on the ride.

    27. Lesli said that making Love & Death a limited series made sense because it allowed there to be a clear "beginning, middle, and end." It also made it so each episode, which she describes like a "chapter of a novel," feel important.

    28. In fact, the limited series format allowed for the team to prep and shoot Love & Death like a very long movie.

    29. Lesli directed Episodes 1–4 and then 7, while Clark Johnson came in and directed Episodes 5 and 6. Breaking up the season this way allowed for Lesli to begin editing episodes while filming on the middle episodes was taking place.

    30. And finally, after doing all of the research and filming Love & Death, Lesli believes if one or two things went differently that day, Candy might not have murdered Betty.

    Love & Death is streaming now on Max.