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17 Awkward Moments That'll Inevitably Happen At Your Office Holiday Party

Don't get fired.

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1. You'll try to arrive fashionably late, but you'll end up being one of the first ones to get there.

When you're the first one at the party

2. You'll be forced into an awkward conversation with a co-worker you've barely ever talked to.

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3. A co-worker will walk into the party significantly underdressed...

4. ... And another co-worker will walk in significantly overdressed.

5. Your only friend in the office will arrive already shitfaced.

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6. You'll have a strange encounter with your boss in the bathroom.

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7. While you're trying to order a drink, that one creepy co-worker will ask to take a shot with you.


8. You'll be forced to try someone's homemade dish they brought to the party. And it will be awful.

9. You'll run into a co-worker dressed like Santa who refuses to break character.

10. As more and more drinks are poured, the amount of PDA will become overwhelming and unsettling.

11. Someone will show up in nearly the same outfit that took you FOREVER to plan out.

12. You'll ask a stranger who they came with, just to discover they're actually one of your co-workers.


13. Someone totally unexpected will be way too confident on the dance floor.

14. The most unexpected person will get drunk and make a scene.


15. You'll proudly and drunkenly tell everyone who your office crush is.


16. Meanwhile, you'll have to gently shut down a different co-worker who's hitting on you.

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17. And you'll wake up the next morning with suggestive pictures of you and your co-workers, HOPING you still have a job to return to on Monday.

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