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CL&E Presents: Which McGill Peer Program Suits You Best?

YOU CAN MAKE McGILL A SUPPORTIVE CAMPUS COMMUNITY! Being a student at McGill means that many opportunities are available to you. One of the most important is the opportunity to help your fellow students. Find the right fit for you, get involved, and help make a difference! Applications are available on the McGill Peer Programs Network website

CL&E Presents: Which McGill Study Break Activity Suits You Best?

Exams are here and you're probably spending a large chunk (if not all) of your time studying. Though being well prepared is important, it is most important to TAKE CARE OF YOU. If you are looking for ways to unwind and de-stress during finals, take our quiz and explore the different study-break options on-campus.

CL&E's Pre-Examination Preparation Tips!

As exams are quickly approaching, we have prepared a pre-examination checklist for you. Scroll through our list to ensure that all of your bases are covered. Happy Studying and exam-taking!

Grad And Postdoc-Specific Resources At McGill You May Not Know About

Are you a graduate student or postdoctoral researcher at McGill? Check out all the resources and support available on campus - just for you!

#ClubbingAtMcGill #7: 8 Events You Didn’t Even Know MEDLIFE McGill Hosted

From volunteering abroad to de-stressing during exams with yoga, MEDLIFE McGill hosts a whole bunch of awesome events that you should check out! Here is a list of 8 events that you can get involved with at McGill!

#ClubbingAtMcGill #6: 7 Reasons To Intern Abroad With AIESEC McGill

AIESEC McGill is one of the oldest student groups on campus. We are the McGill chapter of the world’s largest student-run organization and we aim to develop students’ leadership, personal, and professional skills through internships abroad and through our membership on campus! For more information or if you’re interested in going abroad this summer, sign up here!

#ClubbingAtMcGill #5: McGill Students For China Care Presents “Which McGill Student Club Is For You?"

Ever wondered which student-run club at McGill is the perfect one for you? Eight simple questions will tell you the answer! McGill Students for China Care presents "Which McGill Student Club is for You?"

10 Ways Students Help Students at McGill University

Ever wanted to get involved with peer programs at McGill? Here are ten peer support roles currently recruiting for the 2016-7 year. How will YOU support your peers?

#ClubbingAtMcGill #4 - Top 11 Memories You Will Make With SSMUski In 2016

We here at SSMUski love to gnavigate gnarly glades every chance we get, Apres harder than a gorilla on steroids, and are willing to forgo any and all responsibilities for an extra day on the slopes with other like-minded shredheads. Maybe you have each one of these memories in the books from last year...I know that I do!! But, without further adue…. here are 14 memories that you are inevitably bound to make if you are a member of #ssmuski in 2016!!

#ClubbingAtMcGill #3 - 18 Reasons To Check Out Hillel McGill

By our friends over at Hillel McGill #WeAreAllBestFriends

CL&E Presents: Top 9 Tips For Writing Exams

Writing your first set of McGill exams? Here are some tips from upper year students.The McGill exam schedule is available here

CL&E Presents: Which McGill Study Space Are YOU?!

Have you ever wondered exactly which McGill study space would best suit you & your personality? Wonder no more! Campus Life & Engagement is excited to present their *almost always correct* findings on which McGill study space is perfect for YOU!

#ClubbingAtMcGill #2 - 9 Reasons Why You Should Join The McGill Outdoors Club

The McGill Students Outdoors Club (MOC), one of the oldest clubs in Montreal, was founded in 1936. Every weekend, MOC’ers just like you are out there enjoying themselves in the great outdoors. Want to join? Visit our website and find out how!

#ClubbingAtMcGill 1 - MonWHO

The Montreal World Health Organization Simulation (MonWHO) is a McGill club that runs an annual simulation of the World Health Organization. While we are a McGill club, our conference is open to all students from any school #NewFriends. MonWHO raises awareness for the social determinants of health by bringing students together to debate the most pressing issues in the field of global health.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Our Guest Blogger Of The Week

Are you a member of a McGill Club or Service? You should be our next guest blogger of the week in our #ClubbingAtMcGill series.

CL&E's Top 10 Reasons To Get Involved At McGill University

Being a student at McGill is about more than just class and studies. Have you ever considered getting involved on campus? And, just to be clear, by ‘getting involved’, we don’t mean orchestrating an elaborate prank on the floor above you, or organizing a group of friends to go sunbathe on lower field! No, we are talking about joining a club or organization, or getting involved with any number of the programs and communities available to you at and through McGill. Here are 10 reasons why you should get more involved at McGill University.

CL&E's Top 10 Things McGill University Students Love About Being In Montreal

The team here at Campus Life & Engagement have come up with a list about why McGill University students love calling Montreal home. Montreal is a diverse and fantastic city to live in. There is always something for everyone!

CL&E's Tips For The First Week Of McGill Exams

We hope you are as excited for the Winter Break as we are here at Campus Life & Engagement. The cold weather makes us want to stay inside and get some rest, but before we can all do that, there is exam period. Scroll through our list of little reminders and things to keep you motivated and keep that glass half full during the first week of examinations here at McGill University.

CL&E Presents: Things to Remember during Add/Drop Period at McGill

Welcome to the Fall semester here at McGill University! Whether you’re a first-year or an upperclassman, we hope this list of Things to Remember During Add/Drop Period puts a smile on your face and makes the first two weeks of school a little easier.

Eleven Things You'll Love About McGill Orientation Week

We hope you at home are as excited for #McGillOweek as we are here at Campus Life & Engagement. Scroll through our list to learn more about all the fun filled events and moments that await your arrival on campus.