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CL&E Presents: Which McGill Peer Program Suits You Best?

YOU CAN MAKE McGILL A SUPPORTIVE CAMPUS COMMUNITY! Being a student at McGill means that many opportunities are available to you. One of the most important is the opportunity to help your fellow students. Find the right fit for you, get involved, and help make a difference! Applications are available on the McGill Peer Programs Network website

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  1. I want to foster a multi-faith, pluralistic campus environment.
    I'd like to promote the amazing services and resources available at McGill.
    I want to make newly admitted CEGEP students feel welcomed.
    I'd like to help students achieve their post- graduation goals.
    I want to make international students feel welcomed.
    I'd like to plan fun, inclusive events.
    I want to make off-campus, commuter students feel welcomed.
    I just want to help.
  2. I'd like to make at least one new friend.
    I want to brush up on my facilitation and workshop development skills.
    I'd like to become more acquainted with the city.
    I want to explore my spirituality and increase my religious literacy.
    I want to meet people that live around my neighbourhood.
    I want to learn more about McGill's services and resources.
    I want to gain logistical experience.
    I'm not sure; any experience would be great.
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  4. I'd like a long-term, flexible commitment.
    I'm looking for a routine, long-term opportunity.
    I'd like an opportunity that's tailored to my strengths, skill-sets, schedule, and interests.
    I'd like to define my role.
    I'm willing to give a day or two.
    I'd be willing to dedicate an entire day.
    I'm looking for something short-term, but high intensity.
    I'd like a summer-long volunteer opportunity.
  5. Yes, I'm here near the end of the summer.
    Yes, but I'm only here in June
    I come back at the very end of August.
    I don't know where I'll be, but is there something that I can start regardless of my location?
    I don't want to volunteer this Summer
    I'm looking for a Fall/Winter opportunity.
    I'm not here, but I'll be ready to engage in fun activities in the Fall/Winter.
    Can I volunteer remotely?
  6. Yes, and I'd love to do it as often as I can!
    Yes, I love leading big crowds!
    No, I prefer not to.
    I don't mind doing it sometimes.
    I prefer 1-on-1 interactions.
    I'm great at managing large groups AND 1-on-1 interactions.
    I prefer small groups or 1-on-1 interactions.
    I'd prefer behind the scenes, logistical work.
  7. I visit/revisit my post-graduate plans.
    I hang with large groups of people.
    I practice meditation and mindfulness.
    I make new friends.
    I tap into the many services offered at McGill.
    I connect with my old CEGEP friends.
    I explore the city.
    I keep myself busy.

CL&E Presents: Which McGill Peer Program Suits You Best?

You got: International Student Buddy Program

The Buddy program pairs new international students with current students who provide the friendly face, helping hand, and first Montreal friendship that can make a world of difference for new arrivals. Buddies can also offer linguistic support, cultural guidance and information about life at McGill. Typical "buddy" activities might include showing international students around campus, locating nearby banks and grocery stores, helping with an apartment search, chatting over a cup of coffee. Apply now!

International Student Buddy Program
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You got: Discover McGill and Engage McGill

Discover McGill is a great opportunity for students to volunteer and help welcome the University’s new students at one of the largest orientation events organized by McGill. There are opportunities for logistical support in the month leading up to Discover McGill (e.g., new student package preparation), the days before (e.g., preparing materials and doing set-up), and the day of (e.g., group formation, orientation package and lunch distribution, University Fair setup, and the overall welcoming process). Apply now!

Discover McGill and Engage McGill
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You got: COMunity (Commuters of McGill) Connectors

Connectors are a team of upper-year off-campus/commuter students who strive to create a sense of community for McGill’s commuter student population by focusing on planning inclusive events across the island of Montreal. Moreover, they connect commuter students to resources & support on campus and help McGill students find different ways to get involved on campus. Apply now!

COMunity (Commuters of McGill) Connectors
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You got: CSI: CEGEP Student Information Orientation Session

This is an opportunity for students to help with the welcome and logistical work for this information day intended for newly accepted students from Cegep (Quebec colleges). Apply now!

CSI: CEGEP Student Information Orientation Session
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You got: Off-Campus Connects (OCX)

Off-Campus Connects is an orientation day hosted by Campus Life & Engagement at the beginning of each academic year. It is similar to RezFest but geared towards incoming students not living in McGill residences. Apply to be a Facilitator (leading a group of approximately 25 first-years with a co-Facilitator) or Logistical Volunteer (e.g., set-up/take down, registration, signage, crowd control, preparing/handing out food). Apply now!

Off-Campus Connects (OCX)
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You got: Career Leadership Program (CLP)

Career Leaders are a vital link between all McGill students and CaPS. They are involved in various activities such as workshop development and facilitation, CV and LinkedIn review sessions, as well as outreach and liaising with various student groups, departments, and faculties across campus. Apply now!

Career Leadership Program (CLP)
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You got: Peer Faith Liaison Program

Peer Faith Liaisons must be very comfortable in a multi-faith, pluralistic environment. They are religion-positive and knowledgeable in the creation of safer spaces. Each Liaison's role is unique, depending on their strengths, skill sets, schedule, and interests. Apply now!

Peer Faith Liaison Program
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You got: Student Life Ambassador

Join this important team of leaders and be a lifeline between McGill University and new students. As their first "personal" link to the university, this is your unique opportunity to help relieve the anxiety and confusion of being a first-year student, to build excitement for Orientation and the great times ahead. Student Life Ambassadors correspond with their assigned new student(s) periodically throughout the summer months helping them prepare for their transition to McGill's academic and social life. Apply now!

Student Life Ambassador
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