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CL&E's Pre-Examination Preparation Tips!

As exams are quickly approaching, we have prepared a pre-examination checklist for you. Scroll through our list to ensure that all of your bases are covered. Happy Studying and exam-taking!

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1. Check the exam website frequently for updates.

Let's be realistic here. Its December and its GOING TO SNOW UNCONTROLLABLY. As weather and transit delays are always a possibility, please stay informed of any potential scheduling delays.

2. Double-check your exam location.

Final examinations are written at various locations on campus. Before heading to your exam, it can't hurt to ensure that you are heading in the right direction. Imagine needing to be at the Gym but you somehow end up in the FDA auditorium.

3. Ensure that you have your McGill Student ID.

You must have your ID card ready for presentation upon entering the classroom and visible on the desk during the exam. If you've lost your card, please provide a government issued ID with your full name written on it. Verification of your ID will be made at the time of your exam.

5. Make sure that you have extra pencils for multiple choice exams.

When filling out multiple choice, you must use a lead pencil to mark your answers - not ink. You have to blacken that entire circle and completely erase any mark that you want to change.

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