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    This Little Girl Dresses As Her Favourite Icons And It's Adorable As Hell

    "I wanted to make sure she was portrayed as strong."

    Scout Larson is a three-year-old from Niceville, Florida. For the past few months, her mum has helped her dress up as iconic characters and celebrities.

    So far she's covered the likes of Princess Leia, a fearless leader...

    ...and the forever iconic David Bowie.

    But Scout's favourite look so far has been actor and writer Mindy Kaling, who she thinks "is super cool".

    Scout's outfits have been showcased on an Instagram page run by her mother, Ashley Jinks Larson, who told BuzzFeed the project began after her own mother was diagnosed with cancer.

    "I felt like this was sort of our way of working through it all," said Ashley. "We chose a lot of feminist women, a lot of women who faced adversity and still pushed through".

    "We also looked for women who are funny because humour really helped us through a hard time".

    "I wanted to make sure Scout was portrayed as strong. The feedback has been very positive! We've even got a little list of all of the people we're planning to twin with next."

    We can't wait to see more. πŸ’–

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