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    Homer Simpson Just Made Best Friends With The Sydney Seal


    Homer Simpson has headed Down Under once again to feature in a special clip set in Sydney.

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    The clip was created to help promote Matt Groening's upcoming appearance at the Graphic Festival at Sydney Opera House.

    Homer begins by dishing out some ~playful~ insults...

    ...and also thanks us for Hugh Jackman and Margot Robbie (even though most of our celebrities move overseas as soon as they can, lol bye).

    But the highlight of the clip was the appearance of Sydney seal!

    The national treasure was almost fed some fish before seagulls ruined everything, which is actually an accurate depiction of life in Australia.

    If you've been living an unfulfilled life and aren't aware of the Sydney seal, he's a beautiful lil' guy who sometimes parks himself on some steps near the Opera House.

    G'day. Say hi to our latest visitor to @SydOperaHouse today! Just taking it easy... Photo by @biglenlittlelen

    It's not super un-common to see a seal sunbake by the Opera House, and while we don't know for sure if it's the same seal every time, we like to pretend it is. LET US HAVE THIS ONE THING.

    Long live Sydney seal. 🙌

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