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    The Seal At Sydney's Opera House Is The Best Thing Of 2014

    He swam in our Harbour and into our hearts.

    There's actually three seals currently swimming around Sydney Harbour - but it is this little guy that has stolen everyone's hearts and become an unlikely hero of the city.

    He's the young New Zealand fur seal that hangs around the Opera House steps delighting tourists and making locals thrilled that the Harbour is hosting such a majestic creature.

    The Opera seal (no names have stuck despite local radio stations trying their best to name him) arrived two weeks ago and according to experts, spends the night fishing with his mates.

    "He's one of three seals currently in the Harbour. We know he spends the night hunting for food and he emerges at the steps at about 3am to sleep and rest," a spokeswoman for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service told BuzzFeed.

    What sort of boss seal makes this sort of pose? A seal that is a boss.

    "He returns to those steps because it's routine now... and we don't know when he'll move on. But when the water starts heating up, he and the other seals will leave the Harbour."

    The Sydney Opera House - due to popular demand and safety - has erected fences around the steps and have told BuzzFeed the seal has made coming to work every day a pleasure and a privilege.

    "His ability to pick out a top vantage point – on our 'VIP steps' no less – has both amused and delighted our staff," said Kate Huish from the Opera House.

    Look at that water! Sparkling Harbour with a sparkling seal.

    There have also been questions about whether the seal only comes out on typically sunny Sydney days - BuzzFeed can confirm that he has been delighting onlookers every single day for more than two weeks, even attending an outdoor Miley Cyrus concert.

    "While it looked like he was going to make a run for it at the start of the Miley Cyrus performance, he returned for her second number and (was) alternating between sunbaking and 'thermo-regulating' in the harbour," said Ms Huish.

    The boy also spends a lot of the day lazily not moving in the sun.

    Unsurprisingly and with pulling power that few politicians have, there's been some a-class pandering to the seal-loving population.

    "I'm glad the seal is enjoying one of our most popular landmarks. I'm told the seal has been here before, so I'm glad he enjoyed his stay so much that he's back for more of what Sydney has to offer!" said Lord Mayor Clover Moore (right).

    But it was NSW Upper House MP Peter Phelps (left) that took it one step further, commending the seal for its services in a late night session of parliament on Tuesday.

    Maybe sensing the need to improve the state government's fortunes after a tough year he told the house, "On behalf of the New South Wales Parliament I welcome the Sydney Opera House seal to Sydney Harbour and look forward to its continued presence over many years to come."

    That's right, the seal made Hansard.

    And perhaps the biggest outpouring of support has come from social media, where people cannot contain their love for the seal.

    The Sydney Seal has captivated my attention in a way no animal has since Skywhale.

    Hey someone make me a ‘I saw the Sydney Seal in Spring 2014’ shirt

    Come see @leighsales and me at @Gleebooks tonight. Almost as good as the Sydney Seal I just saw. Promise.

    Long live the Sydney seal.

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