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17 Signs You Should Definitely Have A Twin

You were really ripped off at birth.

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1. Ever since you can remember, you've been waiting to meet your other half.

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It could happen, right?

2. Regardless of how much time passes, you're still hoping you'll bump into them at the mall.

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If it happened in Sister, Sister, why can't it happen in real life?

3. You're forever angry at your parents for not magically giving you a twin.

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4. ... And you still think they're lying whenever you repeatedly ask if you have one.

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"I'm onto you, traitors."

5. You've had an obsession with Mary-Kate and Ashley.

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You bought ALL of their merchandise when you were younger. No seriously, all of it.

6. The Parent Trap is your favourite movie.

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You were also probably surprised when you found out Lindsay Lohan wasn't actually a twin.

7. You love the idea of having a permanent best friend.

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You'd never have to make an effort with people again.

8. You've thought about whether or not you'd be the "evil" or "good" one.

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Probably evil tbh.

9. You think it'd be amazing to do everything in unison.

Nick Wray / Via BuzzFeed

Because that's what you do when you look alike.

10. ... And to have double of everything.

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Imagine all the extra clothes though?!

11. You were extremely jealous of every twin in school.

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12. ... But you would also overwhelm them both with questions.

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"Are you always together? Is it the best thing ever? Can I join your club? Please?"

13. You don't believe twins when they say they fight.

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"Nope, you're always happy with each other, just let me believe it."

14. Most of all, it breaks your heart to know you had to grow up without a body double.

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The world can be a cruel place.

15. ... But to make up for it, you really hope you'll have twins one day.

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Mostly so you can live vicariously through them.

16. In the meantime, you're still not giving up hope.

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Stranger things have happened, right?

17. So don't stop dreaming, future twin.

Dualstar / Via Jaimie Etkin / BuzzFeed

There's bound to be a doppelgänger out there for you.