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I Tried Eyebrow Wigs And It Really Didn't Go According To Plan

"I look like Eugene Levy."

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Hello! I'm Caitlin, this is me. I'm super interested in ~beauty~ but I'm also very lazy and terrible at anything makeup-related.


I can't be bothered learning how to do nice makeup so, as a result, my routine is about 5-10 minutes and my going out look is the exact same as my everyday look.

But being lazy AF doesn't mean I don't want to look good. So when I heard about a lil' thing called eyebrow wigs, I was immediately intrigued.


Eyebrow wigs are exactly what they sound like: wigs that go over your brows. They were originally created for those suffering from hair loss, but they later resurfaced within the beauty community as a "new" trend.

I thought hell yeah, SIGN ME UP. My dream goal is to achieve perfect brows without having to actually do anything.


But as you can see, I have pretty thick eyebrows, so I wasn't sure if these wigs would work for me. Also, full disclosure: I normally do nothing to my brows, so the only way from here is up, really.


The brows looked promising when they arrived: The shape and colour were spot on, but they didn't feel like human hair at all.


The bristles were WAY too stiff for me to believe the hair was human, which is honestly fine because I don't think I really want to wear someone else's hair on my face anyway.

My first attempt at applying the brows was... interesting.


They were pretty easy to put on, I just had to put some adhesive on the back of the brow and stick it on my face. The only problem was that the adhesive truly stunk and felt like cheap-ass school glue.


- These wigs really aren't made for people like me who have thick brows. But if you really want to try them, I'd suggest gluing down your natural brows first because that definitely worked best.

- Even though these didn't work for me, I think wigs would obviously be a great option for people who don't have facial hair and/or very thin hair.

- These could also be really fun for Halloween costumes. As a Halloween fiend, I could definitely see myself using some brows in ~crazy~ colours, or just if I wanted to dress up as Eugene Levy.