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21 Reasons Why Courtney Act Is The Drag Queen Of Your Dreams

She's the queen you deserve.

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This is Australian drag queen, singer, and entertainer Courtney Act. And if she's not already your fave, she's about to be.


1. First of all, she knows exactly how to rock blue brows.

11. In fact, Courtney was so good, she was a runner-up alongside Adore Delano, with Bianca Del Rio the winner.

What a trio <3.


12. She performed with her fellow Drag Race alums at the 2015 VMAs with Miley Cyrus.

13. She's also friends with Nicole Richie.

14. They've even done keg stands together.

18. As an Aussie, she both embraces and appreciates the use of the word cunt.

Onya, Courtney.

19. She makes a great duo with Conchita Wurst.

These two should have their own show tbh.

20. People love her so much that they even have her goddamn name TATTOOED ON THEM.