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13 Incredible Bisexual People You Need To Follow On Instagram

Because bisexuality isn't a damn phase.

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1. Nicola Adams - @nicolaadamsobe

Instagram: @nicolaadamsobe

Simply put, Nicola is a force of nature. She's a professional boxer, and back in 2012 she became the first woman to win an Olympic boxing title. So, yeah, she's basically incredible. She's also very open about her bisexuality, and came out to her mother when she was 15.

2. Stephanie Beatriz - @iamstephbeatz

Instagram: @iamstephbeatz

Stephanie is best known for her role as Detective Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She casually came out last year on Twitter, and her Instagram feed is mostly filled with amazing red carpet shots and dogs (YES PLEASE).

3. Travon Free - @travon

Instagram: @travon

Travon was a college basketball player who is now an accomplished comedian, actor, and writer. In fact, he's so damn good at what he does, he won an Emmy Award in 2015 for Outstanding Writing For A Variety Series for his work on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. He also wrote this detailed piece about his experience as a bisexual man.

4. Aubrey Plaza - @plazadeaubrey

Instagram: @plazadeaubrey

Aubrey is pretty new to Instagram and only created an account early this year. Despite being new, her feed is still a lot of fun, and there are already plenty of Parks and Recreation references. She came out last year in an interview with the Advocate, saying: "Girls are into me, that's no secret. Hey, I'm into them too. I fall in love with girls and guys. I can't help it."

5. Amandla Stenberg - @amandalastenberg

Instagram: @amandlastenberg

Amandla is an actor best known for playing Rue in The Hunger Games, and also has a starring role in the beautiful looking film Everything, Everything, which is out in May. Amandla is refreshingly open about bisexuality, especially during this Snapchat.

6. Evan Rachel Wood - @evanrachelwood

Instagram: @evanrachelwood

Evan is an accomplished actor (if you haven't seen Thirteen you should, because it's a masterpiece), but she's also doing A LOT for the bisexual community. This year The Human Rights Campaign awarded her with the HRC Visibility Award. While accepting the award, she gave an amazing speech, telling the audience: "The more I kept silent, the more my self esteem got lower. And then one day, I heard an actress say the word bisexual... the word didn't make me feel marginalized, it made me feel less crazy, it made me feel less alone, it gave me hope."

7. Taylor Bennett - @taylorbennett

Instagram: @taylorbennett

The younger brother of Chance the Rapper, Taylor, who is also a rapper, came out as bisexual right before his 21st birthday this year. He tweeted that he recognises himself as "a bisexual male", and has always "openly supported the gay community, and will keep doing so".

8. Lauren Jauregui - @laurenjauregui

Instagram: @laurenjauregui

Lauren is currently in the girl group Fifth Harmony, and last year she came out in an open letter, telling readers: "I am a bisexual Cuban-American woman and I am so proud of it."

9. Anna Paquin - @_annapaquin

Instagram: @_annapaquin

Anna has been acting since she was a child, and she secured her place in Hollywood thanks to lead roles in X-Men and True Blood. She married fellow True Blood star Stephen Moyer in 2010, and it was in 2014 that she publicly stated her sexuality, tweeting: "Proud to be a happily married bisexual mother. Marriage is about love not gender." You're damn RIGHT. 👏👏👏

10. Franchell "Frenchie" Davis - @frenchiedavis

Instagram: @frenchiedavis

Frenchie is a singer who first came to public attention as a contestant on American Idol. She describes herself as "bisexcellent," in her Instagram bio, which is the best way to introduce yourself, to be honest.

11. Robyn Ochs - @robynochs

Instagram: @robynochs

If you haven't heard of Robyn yet, then let me introduce you: she is a bisexual activist and professional speaker who is the editor of the Bi Women Quarterly and co-editor of Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World. She's also contributed to numerous other bisexual-related pieces. And yes, that is her with former President Barack Obama.

12. Loreen - @loreenofficial

Instagram: @loreenofficial

Swedish singer Loreen won the Eurovision Song contest in 2012, and came out as bisexual this year on television, saying: "Many people are so focused on sex, on sexuality. Love is so much more. I usually say love is where you find it."

13. Tim Manley - @timmanleytimmanley

Instagram: @timmanleytimmanley

Tim co-created and wrote a YouTube series last year called The Feels, which follows the story of a bi man and his experiences. Tim, a bisexual man himself, told Huffington Post he was inspired to create the series due to a lack of representation of men similar to him in pop culture.