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    We Tested How Well Ansel Elgort And Lily James Know Each Other

    Turns out Ansel loves Jersey Shore and Lily loves hotel pillows.

    We sat down with Ansel Elgort and Lily James while they were in Australia for Baby Driver, the latest film from Edgar Wright.

    The pair play ~love interests~ in the movie, so we decided to find out how much they know about each other by testing them with true and false questions.

    True or false: Ansel's favourite food is pizza.

    True or false: Lily was once locked out of her car so she had to break into it.

    True or false: Ansel's first role EVER was in the ballet, Swan Lake.

    True or false: Ansel's first film role was Divergent.

    True or false: Lily's first film role was Wrath of the Titans.

    True or false: Ansel was once a Jersey Shore fan.

    True or false: Lily was the face of a Chanel perfume.

    True or false: Lily once stole a pillow from a hotel room.

    True or false: Ansel didn't get his licence until he was 20.

    True or false: Ansel once broke his arm while skateboarding.

    True or false: Ansel kept one of the cars from Baby Driver.

    True or false: Ansel's favourite song from Baby Driver is "Debora" by T.Rex.

    True or false: Lily's favourite song from the film is "Baby Let Me Take You" by The Detroit Emeralds.

    True or false: Lily kept her waitressing costume from the movie.

    Good job guys. 😎

    Baby Driver is in cinemas now!