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    30 Things Just Begging To Be Added To Your House This Spring

    *inhale the sweet fragrance of flowers in fresh bloom, exhale the allergies*

    1. An umbrella holder complete with a water tray that can hold up to six umbrellas. It'll also make a nice addition to your entryway decor.

    2. An instant stain remover spray, so you can bring back those lawn chairs that have been stuck in that one webby corner of the garage back to life.

    3. A sunrise simulation alarm clock because daylight saving time took away your sunrise mornings. This clock simulates sunrise and sunset, helping your body ease out and into bed every day.

    4. A five-pack of reusable cotton mesh produce bags ready to hold all of that produce, ripe for the picking, that you'll find at the local farmers market.

    fruit and vegetables inside the reusable grocery bags.

    5. A tower fan for the days when the cool breeze turns more into a warm fog. The fan has a nighttime setting, a timer, and a remote when you can't muster the strength to get up and turn it on or off.

    6. A multi-pack of seeds because your local urban garden has inspired you to test the waters to see if you, too, have a green thumb.

    7. An air purifier in case you're the person whose love for spring is quickly overshadowed by allergies. This air purifier is portable, making it easy to travel from room to room, so you can breathe freely wherever you go.

    reviewer photo of the purifier

    8. An electric pressure washer just begging to get your driveway glistening for the season of lemonade stands and yard sales.

    9. A eucalyptus pouch that'll add aromatherapy goodness to your routine shower and open your sinuses and lungs to reduce the symptoms of spring allergies.

    clear pouch of fresh eucalyptus leaves and essential oil hanging on a gold bath faucet

    10. An 18-inch charcoal grill because we only need a few rays from the sun for it to be grillin' season.

    11. Or, an electric smokeless grill that'll let you get your BBQ on even if you don't have the outdoor space to grill big.

    12. A Shark cordless vacuum for easy tidying up so spring cleaning doesn't actually have to take all spring.

    a vacuum cleaning handheld and on hardwood floors

    13. A macrame fruit hammock because you're overflowing with spring fruity goodness and it's starting to take over your counter space. Plus, it's only fair that your fruit gets to lounge around in a hammock, too.

    white macrame fruit hammock with oranges and apples above a small kitchen counter

    14. Gardening shears to make precise cuts while tightening up your new flourishing garden.

    15. A washable sponge because spring is a great time to tidy up your house. And, if you're making more eco-friendly changes in your household, this sponge could be a great addition. Just pop it in the washing machine or dishwasher and it's ready to reuse again.

    16. A bleach-free outdoor cleaner that'll clean the dirt and grime off of concrete, brick, wood, composite wood, vinyl, patio furniture (including outdoor fabrics), roofing shingles, fiberglass, painted metals, boat exteriors and more. Is that the yellow brick road? Nope, it's just your sparkling clean walkway.

    17. A serving platter in case you're in need for added decor for your kitchen. This serving platter is obviously functional but also beautiful.

    18. Some storage bins to pack away those heavy comforters and winter coats and make room for sundresses and muslin bed sets.

    a storage bin with wheels on it

    19. Or a six-pack of space-saving vacuum bags that'll help you get the most out of your storage space.

    a before of a messy closet and an after of a neat closet with more space using the bags

    20. A Green Chef subscription for less time spent on deciding what's for dinner and more time tip toeing through the tulips. Keto? Vegan? You can get delicious meals sent straight to your door that fit right in with your lifestyle.

    21. A cold brew maker perfect for people still working from home. You can prepare the night before to wake up to a delicious cup of ice cold coffee.

    a diagram of how the cold brew coffee maker works

    22. Or an infusion pitcher to create your own flavored water. Add the fruit, add the water, sit back, relax, and wait to quench your thirst with your own custom made beverage.

    the infusion pitcher

    23. A garbage guard because you're not the only one who's opened a garbage lid only to run back into the house in full panic when all the bugs fly out. When seasons change, the bugs come out to play.

    24. A cutting board with a cracker well just begging to be the focus of all the attention during brunch with the besties.

    the cutting board filled with cheese meats and fruit

    25. A wood polish that'll breathe new life into your furniture. Now, when people ask if you got new furniture, you can respond with, "You mean this old thing?" And, actually mean it!

    a reviewer photo of a table with the before on the right side of the photo and the after on the left showing a significant difference in the shade and shine of the wood

    26. A new planter to hold that new botanical you couldn't pass up. Welcome home plant baby, time to meet your brothers and sisters. 🌱🌿

    the planter

    27. A set of Wad-Free pads because warmer days could mean sweatier nights and this device will help your sheets stay tangle-free while tumbling in the dryer.

    square plastic device holding four corners of a sheet in a buzzfeed editor's dryer

    28. A funny doorstop so you can prop that door open to let that spring breeze flowing through your space.

    the doorstop under a door

    29. A portable air-conditioner in case even the tiniest amount of heat turns your space into a sauna. This compact wonder can act as a fan, a dehumidifier, and an air-conditioner.

    the portable air conditioner

    30. A pair of sunblock curtains perfect for the days when you want to sleep in and don't want the sun waking you up. Or, for setting the scene for movie-watching on days where the sun seems like it will never set.

    You spontaneously bursting with springtime gladness the second it hits 69 degrees.

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