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    39 Things You Can Use Every Day That'll Make A Big Difference In Your Life

    Maybe I'll slay my edges today.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A three-piece cosmetic organizer that somehow has room to house a plethora of makeup and beauty routine essentials. It's like having an additional mini cabinet and takes up only a fraction of counter space.

    The clear cosmetic organizer filled with makeup

    2. A magnetic visual grocery list you can stick on your fridge to keep track of your grocery needs and a quick glance will tell you that you don't have everything you need for ~Taco Tuesday~. And, if you have kids, it's a great way to include them in the grocery shopping.

    the visual grocery list

    3. A large Nalgene bottle in case remembering to stay hydrated is a constant struggle. You can fit a hefty ~32 ounces~ of water in this bottle, plenty enough to quench the thirst while you're on the go.

    BuzzFeed Shopping member holding a lavender Nalgene bottle, with a caption that it's the best

    4. A mini steam iron perfect for mini wrinkle jobs that need a little ironing out. And, it's so tiny you can pop it in your luggage and take it with you on your travels.

    Reviewer using the mini iron to iron their non-medical face masks

    5. A mini cutting board for mini cutting jobs that don't need that big block of wood you normally use. It's also a great solution for small spaces with little to no counter space.

    Reviewer's picture of the mini bamboo cutting board being used to cut limes

    6. An Always Pan from Our Place that'll easily become your best kitchen accessory. Your other pans will thank you for the break, while this one pan does all the heavy lifting. They don't call it the "Always Pan" for nothing.

    7. An extra-large spatula that'll wow your in-laws the next time they come over for a visit and you plate their perfect salmon in one piece.

    Hand using the blue extra-large spatula to flip an omelette and a piece of salmon

    8. A double-sided dressing aid tool ideal for people living with arthritis or carpel tunnel to give them additional help so they can maintain their independence while getting dressed.

    Hand using the dressing aid tool to button a shirt

    9. A detangling brush to ease through your knots and tangles without pulling or causing additional breakage to your tresses.

    10. An edge styler that'll effortlessly get those edges on and poppin' for the summa summa summertime. 🌞

    11. A pretty acetate PopSocket because midnight walks down TikTok lanes can become violent when your phone or tablet decides to take a swan dive smack onto your face.

    A white kindle with a blue acetate popsocket, with the text "no more dropping my Kindle on my face when lying down"

    12. A hands-free dog leash that'll make it easier for you and your furry friend to enjoy your afternoon stroll. Reviewers say the leash isn't pulling and gives them more mobility while out and about.

    13. A reusable net bag ready to hold all of that produce, ripe for the picking, that you'll find at the local farmers market. It's lightweight and versatile. Keep it in your car so you can reduce plastic bag use.

    someone wearing the net bag with oranges inside and the color of the bag is mustard yellow

    14. A glass mister bottle so you can drown your plants in love but not water. Truthfully, this mister is just a super cute way to spray them down to keep the hydrated in between waterings.

    15. A bag of Colombian dark roast coffee because the best part of waking up will always be a hot cup of joe.

    The bag of coffee

    16. A bottle of Radha rosehip oil to battle your redness, scarring, pimples, and other issues so you can get the most out of your natural glow.

    Reviewer's before picture with acne scarring on her cheeks, and after picture with very faded scarring. There's a five-star Amazon caption on top that says, "Just wow."

    17. A rotating timer ideal for people who get overwhelmed with long to-do lists.

    18. Home Chef perfect for love birds looking to cook together for a bonding activity or so they can spend less time cooking and more time loving. 💕

    19. Or, Every Plate that'll send you ready-to-cook ingredients for meals that'll be ready in 30 minutes or less. When you and your love get off from a tedious day of WFH, you can jump off of the computer and into a good meal with time to spare to finally watch that latest HBO Max release.

    a meal from the kit

    20. A split cereal bowl for people who can't stand soggy cereal or those who just like to keep their foods separate in general.

    Reviewer's split cereal bowl with milk and cereal separated

    21. A gel-enhanced seat cushion that'll be the best thing your butt experiences all year. WFH can be hard on the body, and this cushion will make it that much easier for you to finally clear out that inbox.

    Reviewer's swivel office chair with a memory foam cushion resting on it

    22. A SodaStream to make delicious sparkling water while reducing the use of plastic bottles.

    23. Burst Oral Care to upgrade your smile with its chic electric brush that has charcoal bristles for whiter teeth, three brushing modes, a built-in two-minute timer, and more.

    The kit

    24. A jar of Versed cleansing balm perfect for wiping off your makeup at the end of the day or two seconds after that Zoom work meeting is over. What's even better is that reviewers say that it didn't leave their face feeling greasy afterwards, just so fresh and so clean.

    Model's hand holding a jar of the cleansing balm

    25. A pair of blackout curtains for people who like to block out the sun beams but still need enough light to find their phone charger. The star-shaped holes in it also give your room Aladdin vibes = you now ~soaring, tumbling, freewheeling through an endless diamond sky.~

    26. A eucalyptus pouch that'll add aromatherapy goodness to your routine shower and open your sinuses and lungs to reduce the symptoms of spring allergies.

    clear pouch of fresh eucalyptus leaves and essential oil hanging on a gold bath faucet

    27. A pet-hair remover to collect all the fur that's left all over the house like little piles of buried treasure.

    Reviewer's picture to show before and after of their shirt covered in pet hair, and then completely clean. It also shows how the pet hair–remover is now filled with fur

    28. A microwave multi-mat because we've all almost dropped our entire bowl of ramen trying to take the hot bowl out of the microwave.

    Hands using the mat to take a bowl out of the microwave

    29. A set of bra strap clips in case you've slipped into the perfect little number for your first date night out and the last thing you want to worry about is falling bra straps.

    Model's back to show how the horizontal bra strap clip holds the two bra straps in place

    30. A pair of marble car coasters that'll absorb condensation and you won't have to get that sticky gooey substance that all your loose change sticks to.

    Reviewer's picture of the marble car coasters in their car

    31. Or, a pair of resin car coasters for added interior decor that'll also help you see where your cup holders are so you don't accidentally drop your spicy McDonald's Sprite on the floor.

    some of the resin car coaster collection

    32. A set of magnetic hooks soon to be your next organizational bff. You can use these hooks to hang so many things all over the house.

    33. A water dispenser to turn any super large jug of water into a fountain of hydration. No more having to struggle to turn it over hoping it doesn't cause a mini flood in your kitchen.

    Reviewer using the dispenser to pour water from the jug, hands-free

    34. A poop bag holder so you'll be prepared for every ~release~ your pet has on their daily walk. It conveniently connects to your leash and will give you peace of mind while you're wondering what on earth you fed Fido that made him have to pop a squat three times.

    The black poop bag holder attached to a leash

    35. A pair of silicone ear hooks in case I'm not the only one who always looses an ear bud at the most inopportune time. Yes, mine have ended up in the toilet. *hides face* 😝

    Reviewer's picture of the silicone ear hook on their AirPod

    36. A set of llama dishcloths for an eco-friendly option that'll replace up to 17 paper towels and can be washed up to 200 times.

    The llama dishcloths

    37. Or, a washable sponge because somehow someway — dishes. And, if you're making more eco-friendly changes in your household, this sponge could be a great addition. Just pop it in the washing machine or dishwasher and it's ready to reuse again.

    38. A splurge-worthy Chef iQ smart pressure cooker featuring a lot of really fancy features that'll turn any PB&J cook into a top chef that can pressure cook, slow cook, sear/sauté, steam, and more. It has a built in scale to help you measure ingredients as well as an auto release that'll let the steam out when it's done cooking.

    39. A front seat organizer perfect for cars that don't have cup holders. Like, your weekly pink drink needs its own passenger seat, duh!

    How you dance knowing your bra straps are secure and your earbuds won't be falling out any time soon:

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