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    39 Pieces Of Spring Clothing You Might Want To Hide From Your Roommate

    I'd put a geo-tracker on these styles because they will go missing.

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    1. A tie-front dress because you don't need a date night to slip into this subtle but sexy number. Reviewers say that tie front gives the girls a nice pushup, too.

    2. A roomy denim jacket for stashing in the backseat of your car on days where you're not sure if it'll stay warm or get chilly. And, it's roomy enough to fit over any outfit.

    reviewer wearing the jacket

    3. A go-to sandal to conquer them all. Seriously, these sandals can be rocked with pretty much every Spring outfit you add to cart. Plus, reviewers say they are super comfortable which makes them a must-have as you start to step out this spring.

    4. A pair of pleated chino pants because even though the sun is out, you still need a good pant to take you through the season and what better than these earth-toned bottoms.

    5. A ruffle babydoll dress for that boho chic look you've been looking for to top off your spring capsule.

    a reviewer photo of the ruffle dress in mustard yellow

    6. A swing mini dress to make you feel like you just stepped into a romantic comedy. But, there's nothing funny about how great you'll look in this dress.

    7. A pair of vintage-style high-waisted boyfriend jeans on the days you want the denim style points but not the usual restriction. The cut of these jeans make for a comfortable and durable wear so you can play outside longer.

    8. A front-slit maxi dress you'll want to hide really well because all your roomies will be fighting over for their chance to "borrow" it.

    9. A pair of linen pants for an airy, loose pant that won't make your inward parts sweat on warmer days.

    10. A flowy tulle top if your goal is to actually stop traffic when you stop on the scene.

    11. A button up maxi dress because it's a perfect option for family picnics, baby showers, and wandering aimlessly through the shopping outlets on a Saturday morning.

    12. A faux suede moto jacket to give your fave denim jacket a much-needed break.

    a reviewer wearing the faux suede moto jacket in green

    13. A loose pleat mini dress that'll be the perfect lightweight dress for warmer days. And, it has a built-in slip, so you don't have to worry about showing things you don't want to.

    14. A lace off-the-shoulder top because your shoulders deserve to get a little action, too.

    a reviewer in the lace off the shoulder top in white

    15. A lightweight crop tank perfect for an everyday tank that can be effortlessly dressed up or down, not to mention it comes in so many different colors.

    16. An off-the-shoulder dress to make you feel like the star of your own musical as you whisk through the spring breeze.

    17. A trendy high-waisted skirt with a buttoned down front that'll be an easy go-to foundation for your outfit. Pair with a bodysuit, cropped top, or a tank.

    18. A pair of high-waisted denim mom shorts if you're into that ~ready to journey to Skull Island~ kind of look.

    image of reviewer wearing the light blue high waisted denim shorts with a black belt and white tee

    19. An ethically made adjustable bikini top ideal for people with full breasts who have trouble finding tops to support their ample supply.

    close up of model wearing the terracotta deep v vita bikini top

    20. A midi skirt complete with two options: floral or button down with pockets. Either skirt is such a cute option, don't be surprised if you see your roomie sashaying in one of them on their Instagram story.

    21. An eggy bodysuit that'll crack up your besties right before they ask, "Hey, can I borrow that?"

    22. A pair of low heel pumps for a little added height without the added pain. These shoes will let you walk all day without regretting putting them on.

    the pumps in pink

    23. A Betsey Johnson strapless tule dress that reviewers say makes them feel like fresh whip of cotton candy.

    a model wearing the strapless tule dress

    24. A pair of pull-on Levi's jeans that'll slide on with no hassle that are so comfortable you'll rethink all the days you spent wearing leggings.

    25. A lacy puff sleeve top complete with floral design to elevate your OOTD.

    26. A pastel maxi dress for a look fresh out of a storybook ideal for ice tea sipping and novel reading in the garden.

    27. An open-front cardigan to add a quick remix to an old outfit. You can use it to add a little sophistication to last weekend's party dress or use it to punch up the color of an otherwise plain outfit.

    28. An oversized knitted sweater vest ideal for brunch dates on self-care days because you deserve a rest day and a fashion forward look.

    29. A pair of drawstring shorts because it's getting warm which means more opportunities to show off those stems.

    30. A chic romper to go bold or go home. Who needs the sun? In this piece, you are the sun.

    a model wearing the romper in yellow

    31. A pair of baggy overalls with pockets that you'll practically live in especially if you WFH. Two words: So comfy.

    32. A stretchy faux-wrap tee to replace those basic tees with a top with added flair. There is nothing basic about this tee honeyyy.

    33. A handwoven rattan bag small enough not to weigh you down but big enough for all your essentials. This woven bag is a good neutral carry on that'll match all of your spring outfits.

    34. Seamed ponte knit leggings because it doesn't matter how many new pieces you add to your closet, you'll never turn your back on your leggings.

    model wearing black leggings with back pocket

    35. An oversized shacket (shirt + jacket) for layering up when the sun wants to take a day off. You can still wear that spring outfit; just pop this shacket on top. It's roomy enough to not crush your ensemble and people will still be able to admire your outfit.

    36. A sheer mesh turtleneck if you've been looking for the perfect mesh top. The blend of colors in this tie-dye turtleneck are perfect for spring. And, it has thumbholes to help the sleeves stay put.

    model wearing the tie dye mesh top

    37. A casual short sleeve maxi dress because the weather is only going to get warmer from here, so you might as well stock up on flowy clothing.

    a reviewer in the short sleeve maxi dress

    38. A pair of elastic-waist fringe hem shorts perfect for the days you want an anything but basic denim short to go with your otherwise boring top. Once you post that selfie, I'm sure the group chat will light up with requests to borrow them.

    a model wearing the elastic waist fringe denim shorts

    39. A velour tracksuit to wear on a chilly day and reminisce about old times when you'd curl up on the couch with your flip phone and play snake.

    Two reviewers wearing matching blue tracksuits

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